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Friday, March 30, 2012

Subscriptions & Growth

If every person who comes to this blog over the next 24 hours donates just $10, we'll hit our goal. If you can offer $20, even better.

The group of people who have bought gear or donated thus far is a small group. You know who you are, and so do I.

We need the other 900+ who will be here over the next 24 hours to help with $10 or $20 to ensure that we can run a series of professional gun show booths this summer and fall to find III Patriots and guide them to our blogs and PatComs.

$20 or more will get you a III Patch, folks. That patch will get you into any gun show where we have a booth free or 1/2 off. It will also identify you to our allies.

If you are averse to donating online, here's the snail mail, make payable to:

America 527
105 Meem Avenue
Gaithersburg, MD 20877

Every show will serve as a mini-PatCom. You will help us build our Brand and grow the number of Patriots who consider us to be allies.

I have taken this as far as I can go without serious and direct support from you. If you get any value from this blog, if you believe in building the III, if you think we have benefitted from our radio and other forms of media, like Zoomie's stickers, please hit the Donate button by 11:59 PM Friday. After 11:59 Friday I won't be asking again. This concept will either go forward, or not.

So I'll say it as simply as I know how: If everyone who will visit this blog in the next 24 hours drops $10 or $20 on the Donate Button during the 24 hours of Friday 3/30/2012 for a money bomb, we'll have a full series of summer & fall Gun Show booths for grassroots action.

It's up to you, now.



  1. Mr. K,

    Just sent you some loot. Thanks for all your hard work & efforts.


  2. 1 Andy Jackson in the pot old man...

    Dhanna59 III

  3. Ditto that,
    A portrait of the last Pres to rid the US of an earlier version of the FED, in the snail mail to you sir.

  4. How is it coming? There? Close? Nowhere near?

    Daniel (who also chipped in)


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