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Monday, March 5, 2012

Occupy plotting spring chaos...we knew they would. Patriots are meeting at PatComs. What is next?

...what do you propose we, the III, do to respond?

Do we bother at all? Do we let them expend their energy and burn resources of the state as a prelude to imminent Implosion?

Do we show up with III Flags and patches and...

Here's the story.

What is your suggestion?

Resist, absolutely...but how?

While you contemplate, consider this from TL. These are the questions that must be asked and answered...and then enforced.



  1. The response, I think, will depend entirely on the exact nature of the Occupy protest in one's own AO.

    Occupy MyAO is very, very, very small, probably because my AO is semi-rural and deep red. It is also part time and makes the circuit of a few branch banks on heavily trafficked roads. I can't see it suddenly squatting downtown. My response wouldn't be much more than showing up at their infrequent and lightly attended GA meetings and either taking notes, or interjecting, trying to talk up Constitutional solutions, and handing out pocket Constitutions. One of the few pictures from Occupy MyAO included a gal with a sign protesting the NDAA, so they might consider the idea.

    1. Outstanding, A Reader.

      You're getting involved in real life, and that is outstanding. Sounds like you have your AO covered well.


    2. I wanted to go into more depth regarding the difference between 'my' Occupy and Occupy Austin, down Pickdog's way. My AO is deep red, so 'my' Occupy is almost a non-event. Ironically, in this same AO, as Kerodin pointed out, the Tea Parties are not taking the field. My AO's Tea Party - with which I don't associate, because they've tacked "God and Family" planks onto the core platform of free markets, constitutionally limited government, and fiscal sanity - still meets, but they haven't had a demonstration in years. It is as if my Occupy can't gain traction at the same time the Tea Party has concluded it also can't gain or maintain momentum. It's a bit odd, really. While I'm personally socially conservative, I'm libertarian enough that I don't think making my opinions public policy is appropriate or constitutional. I realize that holding myself aloof from the local Tea Party group because they're politically too conservative might be a mistake.

      Anyway, back to Occupy Austin. They have had permanent encampments and run-ins with police and some arrests, though I don't think they've had any of the pronounced confrontation of Occupy WS or Oakland. They have the student body of UT Austin to draw support from as well as the more supportive milieu of Austin's signature weirdness. A Patriot recon of Occupy Austin would be a very different operation indeed, I think. One would need to blend in, including the whole GA procedures routine at the beginning, and then just watch, mostly. Maybe take notes of who's leading the discussions. They've got a blog up with minutes from GA sessions going back to October. I'm guessing getting in the Stack would be rather harder there than here. The whole Progressive Stack concept means that a white male gets the short straw. The only places where one might attempt some personal interaction would be in the working groups, between GA sessions, or on the edges of the crowd.

      This all ties back to something you asked a while ago, AP, about how we respond to both Tea Parties and to Occupy, including going to protect pro-liberty demonstrators from anti-liberty demonstrators, if necessary. Do you recall that discussion?

  2. I agree with A Reader, METT-C applies.

    As far as some of the more overtly Marxist groups go, it could go a few different ways.

    For fun-n-excitement, provoking escalation between LEO and Occupy might be interesting. The Palestinians did this.

    For exposure and recruiting power, a counter-protest with a clearly anti-marxist theme (and perhaps a flag) might be useful.

    Or, we could sit back, make fun of them, and let them make their impact. Word is, potential protests (including Occupy) has already forced the G-8 summit to Camp David instead of Chicago, out of security concerns.

    Before anyone laughs them off, I would point out that it was not MLK's speeches that forced Congress to pass "civil rights" legislation, it was the Watts Riots.

    Just some thoughts.


  3. It's too bad that we hear nothing at all from the Tea Parties - even the RINO version - is simply not on the field, and they are not making any noise about getting on the field.

    But...that was the whole point about taking them over for the Establishment, huh?


  4. I do not discount the possibility of engaging and converting the Occupy movement to direct itself at the right targets, i.e. Obama and the establishment.

  5. I consistently monitor OWS in our AO. I watch their twitter feed,facebook page etc. And have access to their GA notes online and have also taken 4 of my guys down to pass out pocket constitutions, then posted the AAR on three Militia sites.

    I have photos of the local leaders and know two of them by name. In my AO they are supported by the AFL-CIO and Postal Carriers Unions. Our state is much like A-Readers above. WE don't laugh them off, We donated anti-FED and anti-Patriot-Act signs. (Getting them to carry our message)

    They are a feeble and stoned bunch and my unit could mop the streets with them in under 5 minutes.(Even if they had union back up) Threat Level Low here. We will be watching them this summer and if they jump, we are ready.

  6. Does Liberty gain any ground if...by chance...the Oakland Model were to become the norm over the election cycle?

    I have no illusions that there are elements of the Hard Left that have this as a goal. I know why they want it...so Government can impose force against "Anti-Government" types.

    But I am having a hard time seeing a downside to letting the Useful Idiots of Occupy tie up the resources of the machines of the State and thus spend some of their capital...

    ...though, one could make an argument that Government has no moral problem with using their own Useful Idiots to hone their skills prior to coming after Patriots who know how to shoot, move and communicate.


    1. Sam,

      I think the answer to your question is: possibly. If the various Occupy sites away from the coasts get as rowdy as OWS and Oakland were during the fall and if the Riot Goons behave in the heartland as they have on the coasts, then perhaps more Americans in the heartland will see that the liberties we treasure are already lost. The problem with the world-view of many of our potential Allies on the Right is that they think of liberty as something to be defended, rather than something to be restored. They see bad cops as the exception rather than the rule and FedGov as a defender of liberties rather than a serial violator of them. Police brutality in the People's Republics of California and New York can be chalked up to big, dirty departments like NYPD and LAPD, or cheered as smelly hippies getting their due. The same kind of brutality, suffered by people nearer to and more like oneself, might change the dynamic. The rose-colored glasses need to come off.

      On the other hand, and this blows a huge hole in my idea, the gun confiscations after Katrina got us another set of laws, and a bright shining moment from some Utahan Guardsmen and Oathkeepers, and some NRA fundraising YouTube videos. What they did not get us was a full-court press against unbounded government.

  7. As I see the chessboard, Liberty loses ground no matter what until the ruckus.

    1) If Occupy gets feisty more laws get passed to keep us safe.

    2) If III are involved (to include just being there) we're tagged as well with no benefit I can see.

    3) If III stay away and Occupy fizzles, Leviathan grinds on as usual.

    At least with #1 OpFor chews on each other and we can watch and learn.


  8. OWS can do what they want.
    No way in hell am I going to be involved in any way shape or form with people that are crybabies and expect others to take care of them.
    If their battles/destruction work out to my advantage, so be it, but I'm keeping as much distance between me and them as I possibly can.

  9. What are the chances the government might provide a false flag op against OWS, blaming it on the Right? I realize it hasn't happened yet, but as we get closer to the time when Barry Soetero will declare himself the winner, I expect something to happen.


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