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Thursday, March 29, 2012

This one sentence defines my every action today...and it is from TL

Nothing is so important now than to grow this community, to be able to operate without the support of the general public, they were never on our side anyway, but learn to recognize those in your AO who would like to attend such a gathering.

That's it. Nothing more.

I want to send up a flare at Gun Shows so that those in the room who think as we think can find our camp. Every single Gun Show with a III Booth can become an impromptu PatCom. Right there in your city, with zero expense for participants. (I am making deals with several Gun Show promoters: If you are wearing your III Patch or other III Gear when you hit the door, they will let you in free or for a discount, if we have a booth in the show)


The modern III will never raise an army the size of Washington's, I suspect.

Our only path to victory is to let the Bad People reduce their numbers by fighting with one another, introducing famine and disease as they are reduced to hordes, until they are gone.

In that single moment when they are at their weakest, we must move.

That means we must have what it takes to survive that long.

The number of people who want genuine Liberty is small - I dare say many people within this very III Community do not want genuine Liberty. It has become evident that too many want to remove the current system simply to impose their own version of "Proper" morality and behavior.

CA has a quote atop his site today that fits perfectly with this concept: Readers must not allow themselves to be trapped in an information-gathering mode, seeking to learn ever more about ever-finer aspects of the topic. If armed resistance is justified, there comes a time when one must close the book and act. – Dr. Joseph Martino

So our efforts today must be to find others like us. Action. And be prepared to offend any idiot who stands in your path.

Here's TL's piece.


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  1. K, I wrote a small snippet of commentary at TL's site on this, might be entertaining at least...


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