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Wednesday, March 7, 2012

What if...

What if everything you thought you knew to be fact...wasn't.

What if you were suddenly aware that even the tiny bit of hope you hold...is futile.

What if you suddenly realize that probably 90% of your assumptions are wrong, and you don't know how to identify which tidbits belong in the 90% and which belong in the 10%?

Good night, Patriots.



  1. I reckon if you realized all that, you'd be further down the road to wisdom.


  2. K.
    It's 11P here in AZ. So you're uncertain, well that makes two of us but I do turn to the 3P community for support but deep down I know how to push this thing forward, with or w/o support.
    I no longer pay attention to the d+r distraction as it will get your head spinning.
    You of all know of what is to come so why the uncertainty post, we know what to do, I shook it off and am moving forward. Does not matter who wins the election, hopefully not "o" in time it will be upon us.........be prepared all.


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