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Sunday, March 11, 2012

Where are we headed?

What have we accomplished working together through this III blog and with other Liberty blogs?

We've published a book about our community with the help of several serious Patriots. People like Brock are still investing their time and money and effort to help promote this project, and we are doing the same across Virginia.

We've got a political organization that is slowly building so we can have an organized presence.

We've got ads on the radio in two demographics, and we are adding people from those areas to our ranks. More to come.

We have flags (coming), patches, shirts and other III Gear to build cohesion and morale, while spreading the Brand.

We have a III SHTF Project in the works that is bringing our community together, building bridges into the "NRA" community, and for the first time I have seen, convincing the corporate world that our community is worthy of interaction. We have several serious companies involved with the SHTF Project.

We are discussing a concept about building a III Community in Wyoming, around a business that will provide the revenue for Patriots to earn real incomes. This project, if we are lucky enough to get it going, can never become a "Frat Club" that blocks people from joining based on economic station. Any serious Patriot who is willing to show up and work must be given the opportunity to build a life surrounded by other Patriots. Some very good ideas have been offered on the threads, including the potential of a co-op rather than a corporation. We'll keep exploring the concept.

We have a growing number of PatComs where Patriots are taking the time and effort to meet one another. Many are sharpening Comms skills and working out the details of surviving what is imminent. Keep prepping. That is the sine qua non.

TL is soon hosting a national Summit in Pennsylvania for those who can attend.

We have a growing number of Bloggers/Propagandists working to further the goals of Liberty. I have also noted a decline in hyperbole and an increase of practical thinking regarding how and when to move forward. We are a diverse group, and we'll never be any more harmonious than, say, the Constitutional Convention. But all things considered, I have noted a net + in recent months.

There is probably more that I am missing.

What we have, Patriots, is progress.

Never forget the goal of Restoration, and never fall into a lull and forget that there is an imminent paradigm shift coming at us hard and fast. Voting will not stop what is coming. Voting and office holders will matter far more during and after Implosion than they do today.

Stay safe, and keep moving forward.


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