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Friday, March 16, 2012

Would you bend knee to any nine people who say you must?

From TL's latest.

I added the emphasis. I have made this point before, and it upset a few folks who tried to argue that a true Constitutionalist must yield to the whims of the Supreme Court. Bunk!

This is from TL:

In the end it doesn't matter if the Supreme Court buys this sudden end-around and agrees to find Obamacare and its million tentacles of injustice "Constitutional". That's just a word as vague as any other.

The real question is whether the people find it Constitutional.

Most will accept the ruling of the justices, because they don't [ ] the Constitution. They will consider the ruling the last word as they have throughout American history, because they are ignorant of everything but the winner of some reality show.

You, Sir and Madame, are the Supreme Court. You always have been.

I refer you once again to the column below about the vets who meant to have the Obama flag removed. That is how the Constitution was always meant to be enforced for the sake of Liberty. Men and women who understand right from wrong get off their arses and go make it right. Laws and Constitutions are for lawful and moral people. Everyone else is genetic waste and does not deserve to live among us.

Read the entire column, here.


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  1. This:

    "The real question is whether the people find it Constitutional."

    And the people will roll over like they (we) have done for the past century of encroachment. Besides, why bother, it's someone else who will pay for this. By the time they (we) figure out that the heavy object on our wrists are shackles, it will indeed be too late.


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