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Saturday, April 14, 2012

Battle of Athens: Are we there yet?

Folks, consider this a rhetorical post.

I'm not one to whisper of plots or play behind-the-scenes games. I speak my mind, publicly. If Patrick Henry and the rest of our Founders were willing to risk Life, treasure and Sacred Honor, I will not diminish their bravery by whispering in secret.

Most of you are familiar with the Battle of Athens Tennessee in 1946. If not, here's the Wiki.

In a nutshell, a bunch of GI's fresh from WWII kicked their local politicians out of office at the muzzle of their weapons.

Are we there yet?

If 50 Patriots decided to use the Athens Model and make a point for the country to see, would you want to participate? Are you there yet, or would you simply wish them well and stay where you are?

Obviously, most would go into such an adventure with the full understanding it is an Alamo event. At best, you'd probably die in prison.

And I dare say that 99% of the public, at least, would condemn any Patriotic Op along the Athens Model, whether it involved taking a City Hall or simply involved mustering in full kit and marching peaceably on Leviathan, in a place and manner that offends our Masters.

This is a post for consideration, not necessarily discussion. Do not indict yourself by commenting unwisely.

Think about it.

This deserves a poll. If you worry about Uncle Sugar tracking your answers, don't respond on the poll.



  1. Mr. K,

    Fed .gov is tracking this blog, WRSA, and other similar free-speech blogs. So what ? Maybe our fellow (I use that word lightly) countrymen in the alphabet agencies will think seriously about that which may await them, should they execute treasonous actions against fellow citizens.


    1. Dan, I agree. Bad People in Government should worry about us, not the other way around.

      As TL Davis recently posited, if they insist on operating outside the Constitution, they should worry about not having the protections of the Constitution.


    2. I had friends; Hardcore Republican/NRA Fox News watchers, Veterans too, they support torture, and mindless foreign wars, who consider me a traitor and Communist because I question all that goes on around us. They will probably be whispering to the DHS soon. They are totally clueless that their mindset is wrong, they DO NOT understand that everything they stand for goes directly in opposition to the Constitution and the rights of free men. Clueless! And they truly believe they are patriots.
      So what makes the law breakers any different??? Just like the Gestapo and Stazi, they believe what they do is for the good of the gov't, even if it steps on a few toes of nonconformists. So what. We don't need them anyway, sorta how we look at Occupy Wallstreet idiots, right?

      Semper Fi, 0321

    3. The point that I'm trying to make here is that people don't understand by following what the media and fedgov tell them, they are not patriots, but useful idiots in the takeover of America. A free man does not work for corporate and foreign banking interests, instead he works at freeing his own mind and helping others do so also. Together we can overthrow the leviathan that seeks to enslave us.

      Semper Fi, 0321

  2. Mr. K

    I quote you: "If 50 Patriots decided to use the Athens Model and make a point for the country to see, would you want to participate? Are you there yet, or would you simply wish them well and stay where you are?"

    What is the price we are willing to pay for liberty and freedom? How much are we willing to pay to insure that our children and their children have the opportunity to live free? Those of us who have bothered to study history and learn it know that freedom and liberty come at a very steep price and the price reflects the value.

    For those of us looking, we know that the Barbarians are at the gates and ready to storm our fair land. Very soon we will have nothing left to loose but our lives, everything else will be taken and thrown into the collective blender.

    A good friend of man got so mad at me for buying a gun through a dealer. As he said now I have a record and can't hide. I told him I had no intention of hiding or burying my guns in the hill. When they come collecting it is TIME TO FIGHT. If all guns are confiscated what good will it do him to have them. There comes a time when we must put up or shut up.

    If patriots decided to stand then God help me to stand with them.


  3. Damn good questions. I also wager there are countless counties with local governments just as bad as the McMinn county crooks thriving today.

  4. One of my neighbors is getting transferred to Athens,TN and was not aware of the history of that town. Apparenty the POTUS (who did not grow up as an American kid) has never studied American History and does not know about Athens,TN either. Perhaps he will learn soon enough.


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