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Monday, April 16, 2012

Eric Peters: Voting is not the problem

Eric articulates the real problem: The vast majority of our fellow Countrymen are Bad People.

Garbage in = Garbage out.

Here's the link.


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  1. I encountered this today.
    Our local medical clinic is possibly closing. So in response to that, several citizens are trying to get enough signatures on a petition to get a vote on the ballot this fall for the organization of a hospital district. I was asked to sign it and I refused. I told them I lived in a rural area because I wanted to and I realized that by living here I didn't have access to all the services one has in the city. Furthermore, I didn't expect someone else to pay for my decision to live out here. Why should someone else have more taxes added to their all ready high property taxes so we can keep that clinic? I wasn't very popular I'll tell you, but I'll stand by my beliefs. Once again, it has proven to me that my neighbors, my countrymen, they will not be with me, they will want my blood.
    Miss Violet


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