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Saturday, April 21, 2012

Hearts & Minds

One of the biggest challenges in designing a SafeRoom for a family is finding the sweet spot between what they need, what they think they need, and cost. For a home project that rarely starts at less than $60k, and screams instantly into moderate-range six figures if one begins to add NBC protection, or diplomatic-level home safety systems, it is easy to oversell a client that is worried for the safety of his family, though not proper.

As one can imagine, the DC Metro area is filled with folks who have a genuine need for such systems. There is also a large number of folks who insist on keeping up with the Joneses. A standard room with basic comms, defenses and camera feeds that is comfortable for the typical family to wait for a standard LEO response time is only the starting point. The variables are many. The capabilities of the family come to bear. Protocols have to be drafted. In some cases, private CQB courses must be tailored for some family members.

One aspect is fascinating: The number of people who anticipate a collapse of Emergency Services (LEO & Medical) is nearly nil. Most people think that a few minutes in the SafeRoom while waiting for LEO is the real extent of the threat. Those who consider a longer stay in the SafeRoom are convinced that if they must remain inside it will be because of a weather event or loss of electrical service, rather than a lack of Cavalry riding to the rescue. You might be surprised how many people refuse to abandon their faith in "The System". Most families think it is more important to have power and air conditioning in the SafeRoom (for comfort) in case of a prolonged power outage, than a second exfil route.

So, when I tell you that I am not going to waste my time or 527 resources trying to change hearts and minds, I speak from this perspective. A family that has taken the decision that a major investment in a SafeRoom is warranted refuse to explore the potential of a collapse of the State's ability to provide services.

They just can't make the mental leap, for they are conditioned to a point that is nearly absolute.

They have never known an America without State services, therefore, there can never be a USA without State services.

Think about that, Patriots, as you work in these final weeks, months or years before Implosion.

Spend your resources wisely. An hour you spend trying to convince an OWS kid this summer that he is on the wrong path is an hour you will never get back, in which you could be honing your triple-tap skills, or hardening your home, or sharing time with your kids.

Remind yourself often that at least 6 of every 10 people you meet each day are walking dead men when Implosion hits.


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  1. K you're on it with this one. But 6 out of 10? In urban sprawl and metropolises I'd wager it'd be more like 8 of 10 unless they were in some kind of local pre-organized group or gang (like Selco has referred to). When the meltdown comes those trapped inside will hit that 9 meal limit quick. And once everything's been picked over what then?


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