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Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Holodomar and more coming to your part of America

CA posted a link to a site that details the Holodomar.

Today we hear that FedGov is about to outlaw children from working on family farms.

Folks, if you do not understand that the Bad People in power today mean to be Masters, they have studied their history of how to kill millions, they are implementing those same programs for mass murder right now, and they have already marked you and your ideals for death, I simply can't help you.

Every great historical episode of genocide needs the sad folks who never saw it coming.

I hope that is not you.

Prepare to defy them by surviving their initial plans, then find them and kill them.

That is all.

Here's the link to the farm story.


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  1. Finding them and killing them is rapidly (and unfortunately) becoming the only option.


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