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Wednesday, April 11, 2012

I Call BullSh*t

TL's most recent post calls for the Tea Party folk to drop the flag of surrender and fight.

Read the comments from that post, left by Anonymous readers.

One: Well said, it is beyond time to lock and load.

Two: We are ready indeed lets roll!

Three: Let me know when you throw the first snowball at the redcoats.

Compare those comments with those left by Dan, Craig and UncleScott.

You'll note that the Anonymous folks urge leaving the porch.

Simple Provocateurs? Maybe.

But let's give them the benefit of the doubt and take them at their word. That would mean that half of the people who read our blogs are ready to rock & roll, if only someone else would take point.

They need their John Parker. Then they'll be there.

Hey, here's an idea: Let's all meet in full kit at X spot on X day, and we'll start!

Think the Anon's will show? Heh, wanna buy a hoodie?

Three people: That's how many showed the last time TL worked his arse off to get people to the Capitol. How many promised to be there? Even when we take out the few folks who had legitimately changed their mind or circumstances prevented them from attending, how many should have been there?

More than three.

My point: If you are not truly ready to be John Parker, shut your f'n piehole and stop calling for "lock & load" action! You crush the serious potential of the Liberty Movement by rattling sabre's that never draw blood!

When you are ready to follow John Parker you'll know it, because you won't need him. You'll head to the Green on your own.

So: You folks who draw lines in the sand and never defend them, who claim we have to go to arms now, who urge others to fight, that it is time, STFU. Stop typing on our blogs and trashing them up with rhetoric you haven't the spine or intent to live.

Prove me wrong.

Here's the link to the post at TL's and the comments.



  1. Never do what the enemy wants!
    The Cloward-Pliven strategy is create violence so that the PTBs can come in and "Rescue" the situation. Buy less, and become self-reliant and help others to do the same.
    I don't know what It would take for me to resort to violence. Probably a direct attack on myself or my family. But I won't play the game that I must hate blacks because the NBPP says all whites and blacks must hate and kill each other. I won't hate the "rich" because the dolts of OWS says we are enimies and some how the rich are stealing from us. I won't hate the poor because the are all parasites and useless eaters. Or hate Hispanics because they must be illegal and work cheap or a member of MS 13.
    I simply want the Contitution and rule of Law enforced and an end of the Nanny state regulations.
    I'll do all in my power to try and make that happen peacfully. Because violent revolutions tend to be very bad things. no matter which cause wins the war, everyone loses in the mindless death and destruction.

  2. Yeah, what Adventures in Self Reliance said.

    But push and see if I push back.

  3. I'll be happy to shoot any door kickers of any sort. No I don't really want kill cops and others but I don't have time to check papers. I don't want to kill you and I'm guessing you don't want to be dead. I'm not criminal though I may be a threat to the powers that be.
    Cutter that is the best thunbs up I could have got.

  4. Mr. K,

    I hope you'll attend TL's Summit in Mercer, PA, 27-29 April 12. Please bring as many people as you can.

    BTW....I appreciate your blog. It's a lot of work. Hope to see/meet you.



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