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Monday, April 16, 2012

Listen to the words

The link below will take you to a video of Louis Farrakan.

His words have alot of people worked up.

Listen to the words. Does he say anything in this clip with which the average III Patriot would not agree?

And take note: He speaks for a group of people (NoI) that is considerably larger than the III online community. They are moving. They have a goal. They have identified their enemies.

Here's the link.



  1. Nope, when I watched it I felt contempt for the man, found little objectionable from his point of view.

    One thing is for certain, this country, for that matter all of society is in serious peril.

    As hard as it is for the last of the viable freedom loving, individual rights minded people (America) to believe.This power grab by government is not exclusive to our country, this is an all encompassing grab for global conquest.

    We are it, America is the the only hope in thwarting the globalization of power. The powers that be know it and are gaining the advantage.

    There is more riding on the line than America, as hard as that is to see, it is what it is. Conquer America...Ain't nobody to stand on the wall.

  2. And here's our quandry. The NoI is linked to the New Black Panthers via Farrakahn (He mentored as was instrumental in getting Shabaz installed as their leader).

    Brother they are not our friends regardless of our similar viewpoints. They seek nothing but their own race's agenda and definitely not a free society. If SHTF shoot on sight.

    1. ^^This. There is no negotiation or middle ground with these type of people, be it NOL, Marxists, Communists, whatever. They talk to buy time or to mindfuck you so that you willingly accept them into your midst. Once they get that close, it will be a fight you will not soon forget, or even survive.

  3. America is the spearhead of global government. It's military might is predicated on that. As we see the push become accelerated to globalize the world, we are, and have... seen the push to control absolutely its citizens... it is only natural for it to do so. As of now, we are at just the demoralization stage. Eventually, anyone who opposes it, whether by White Rose, or violence... will suffer its technological might.

    We have all read about in our history books... and they were just pikers.

  4. I look at NoI as a powerful group that will not hesitate to fight, and on most days they will seek to engage the same Bad People from the Political Class that would target Patriots.

    From the polygonal perspective, I am content to let all such groups hammer on one another and thin the herd before we have to take bold steps. We can take tactical actions, but no need to wade in against any OpFor that is still at strength.


    1. Just buy the damn bean pies already.

      Bill Nye the non Constitutional Scholar..... Hey Curtis amigo how is Che doing? Are you still butt sore?

  5. K - that brings to question the issue of what steps would the very political class take in fighting that fight while we sit and wait for their strength to be depleted? I think tactical actions are a must - and we can exploit those tactical actions by further exacerbating the obvious visible fight at hand.

    If timing is everything then it's surely critical in timing any action. As you stated the meatspace is polygonal, and we'll have an uphill battle form the get go. Win the public, bleed the OPFOR, exploit the media, all are actions that must be careuflly measured and implemented. We're behind in the media piece, and both sides have mastered that aspect - look at how the baiters exploited social media with the Martin case. We have to scream about ANY atrocity and fight the media to keep it (and all instances) visible. Like prince eric says: You keep hammering it and people will begin to believe it and take it as a truth. If it is the truth then it's easier to accomplish.

    This is where you and I probably dissagree a bit. I believe guys like Mike V. serve a purpose by stirring up the instances of OPFOR abuse. Sure he has a checkered past (as Bill loves to call him Che) but hell, how many of us don't? How many of us were Military, LEOs, .gov Agents, Contractors, etc. If I was held to my past I'd be viewed as the jackbooted thug taking your weapons away. Anything that contributes has to be viewed as a positive. Anything that detracts has to be viewed as a negative. It's literally that late in the game.

  6. I'd be surprised if America's government could pull this coup-d'etat off from within. As powerful as the military is, in the end as a nation this government has not demonstrated the ability to pull this off. There are powerful forces today as well as at the founding hell bent on nefarious objectives.

    What our country has proven is that when the citizen abandons his/her personal responsibility to hold it's elected officials to the fire, bad things happen.

    Maybe I should clarify America. America is not the sum total of it's inhabitants or it's bastard government.

    America still harbors in it's dying embers the spirit of the free individual, that free individual is a on the brink of extinction.

    America and the world will suffer for that loss!

  7. Obama, holder and friends really like the idea of arming mestizo narco "border-skirmeshers" with AK-47s. Wonder what kind of goodies these folks have access to?

    For those who don't know, Rev.Wrights black-centrist "church of Christ" doctrine is noi b/s with a "Christian" tag on it.

  8. Wright's putrid diatribe is straight out of James Cones works - Years ago it was pointed out to Cone that his very people (Black Africans and Egyptians) were the ones responsible for enslaving the Jewish people and forcing them to cross that "red sea" the NBPs so adamantly talk about. Cone had no response - and to this day Black Liberation Theology is still a wholly marxist concept. One which fits in well with TPTBs ideal of what Amerika should be. The NoI uses the exact same marxist concepts and points in it's doctrine.

  9. Looking at the words of his speech, and comparing it to his speech on April 17, this is both a warning to his own leadership to get ready to do some shit that they better agree with....or get whats coming...as well as fodder for the press. He selectively omits race in a mjority of this speech, and it speaks volumes. If you want to test this theory, look at a little history....Malcolm X for instance. Some of the same language before the "activism" bombings, etc. Some of the same actors in this little show except they have a slightly bigger agenda this time.


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