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Friday, April 13, 2012

Never Surrender

I once spent 93 minutes in Southern California August heat in a headlock, employed by one of the deadliest men I have ever known. You would not know his name. Though we both trained at a world-renown dojo, this was just another Warrior on the mat. For fun he'd go to TJ on the weekends and find bare-knuckled, no-holds-barred fights (Anyone who has ever been to Tijuana knows that such fights are easy to find, and the buy-in is minimal). This was back in the days when MMA was still realistic - when there were no weight classes, no time limits for fights.

This Warrior was only a Brown Belt in this dojo. FYI - belt colors do not matter to Warriors. But they are assigned in most dojos. This Warrior, "only" a Brown Belt, would probably kill well more than 99% of the men in the world in unarmed single combat. That is partly because of the sad state of the 99%. In that top 1% of serious fighters, I suspect he'd have killed many.

About half-way through this headlock I cracked a molar. I've got as much dental composite in my mouth after decades of martial arts as I have porcelain. I took shoulder-height, full-speed Aiki breakfalls for nearly 20 years, without a mouthguard. For the remainder of the headlock I enjoyed the heat, the discomfort of the headlock (which would have evolved to a choke or other finishing move if I ever f'd up and gave him a chance at one), and the fresh hell of agony in my jaw.

Tap out? Sure, it was an option. I could have tapped the mat, showered and gone to the dentist.

But I was training hard in Los Angeles. I moved there from DC to train, not to tap out. I needed to add ground skills to my set. And no bad guy in the world would ever stop killing me just so I could go to the dentist.

Our instructor called it that day. I never tapped. I never found a way out of that headlock, and I know most ways that exist out of headlocks. I never managed to gain an advantage and turn the tables.

And I never gave him an opening to take the headlock and evolve it into a finishing technique.

In the real world, no instructor would have ended the matter. One of us would have prevailed. The other would have died.

I learned alot from that particular Warrior, and many others.

As you live these days, months and years, and frustration builds, remember - it is never over until you are dead, or until you quit.

Do not quit. Change tactics if you wish, go Ghost and do what you will.

And if you are going to die, take the bastards with you, if possible.

But never, ever surrender.

Do not go out that way, Patriot.

For every Commie F*ck that dies, and hopefully it hurts when they die, there is one fewer for the rest of us to worry about. Anyone who thinks I care a whit when a Commie suffers or is in pain and finally goes to whatever Hell awaits him, simply doesn't understand the reality of the fight between Liberty and Slavery, or my role in it.

Don't you understand that the Communist/Socialist/Fascist/Establishment RINO wants you to suffer in this life? He strives to enslave you and force you to endure his will and whim.

F that.

And if you vote for a Commie, do the work of the bastards, or in any way, shape or form facilitate their agenda, you are an Enemy of Liberty and I hope you die a painful, wretched and lingering death.

It is time for the III to drop all concern for societal niceties.

It is time to win.

And winning will be ugly.

And winning will require that none of us ever surrender.




  1. "Don't forget that you're First Marines! Not all the Communists in hell can overrun you!"

    - Chesty Puller motivating his men at Chosin Reservoir

    Chesty Puller never quit. We can't afford to ether. Quitting at Chosin meant death. Quitting here and now means enslavement for our children. A fate far worse than death.

    "Live free or die. Death is not the worst of evils."

    Not that death is not the stock in Socialist trade. In all it's forms. A lot of holes in a lot of places have been filled with human capital not measuring up to the standards of those in search of the "new soviet man". We have seen the workers "paradise" and still idiots still support it...

    Damnation to Hell is preferable to communist slavery.

    Ein Volk, ein Reich, ein Obama. Not on our watch. Or at least mine.


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