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Friday, April 20, 2012

Sac LEO Suck

UPDATE: Well, shucks. LEO killed someone, and they think it is their baddie. 11:40 EST

Yes, the picture above is of Sacramento Ninja LEO in front of the State Capitol.

Sacramento LEO: $123,000,000 annual budget. 730+ LEO. 325+ Civilian employees.

And they called in CHP.

And they called in local Sheriff assets, with air support.

And they can't find one 20-something who has jacked at least 2 vehicles and a tractor under their SkyNet. They are a joke.

Do you know why Americans have not yet smirked, shirked and thrown off the laughably defective weight of the Tyrants among us?

Because they have never tried...

Here's the story.

Thanks to Ken for the heads-up. Read his post about Cisco. I don't know about you, but my patience is wearing thin. I have big, scary dogs. I like my dogs more than I like most people. I live in a neighborhood that has a lot of LEO traffic. I do not like worrying that some local LEO is going to pop a cap in my dogs one day just because he knocks on my front door.

That's not how America is supposed to work.



  1. You have to admire a man with brass ones that big.

    1. You know, just for scoring the tractor I say he wins.

      And, at least as of right now, he is winning.

      Good on him.


  2. Mr. K,

    I have two hounds myself....mother and son. Like you, I love my dogs more than I care for most Americans.

    Don't mess with my dogs.


    PS: Size 7 or 7.5 ?

  3. I notice in the photo posted they are training to lose. Notice that they are well aware that they will be surronded and are preparing for that. That little circle will collaps rapidy to any group motivated to stomp on them.



  4. I'm with you, my brother. If some LEO killed one of my dogs you can bet your ass I'd be on CNN that night.


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