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Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Sanford police car shot near Trayvon Martin scene

So, for anyone who still thinks the Lefties & FSA will not shoot first...

Do you have armor? Does your wife?

Stories of people getting shot by stray drive-by fire while on the sofa will not be limited to the 'hood in our future.

Here's the article.



  1. Note that the shooting was done when there was no one to shoot back, though. Sneaking up and putting some rounds through some glass at close range in the middle of the night isn't the same as facing possible armed opponents.

    I'm not saying there won't be some SEIU scum or gang-bangers who will shoot, but most of them won't if their own asses might get shot back. Shoot you in the back, when you aren't looking? (although you should be at least in Yellow all the time now), sure. Shoot at you when they are in a large crowd of similar scum? Maybe.

    But in general, I don't think most have the stomach for any confrontation where they don't outnumber their unarmed opponents, let alone face an armed and trained man or woman. I truly believe a group of openly armed Patriots - in a confrontation where they are free to shoot, or have decided it is worth the possible consequences - would have them fouling their underwear while they ran away.

    1. I agree. They require the absolute guarantee of success or overwhelming odds before they'll get rowdy, for the most part.

      But I don't think it will take much for Euro-style rioting from our Left, with the American twist of firearms.



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