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Sunday, April 29, 2012

TL'S Liberty Summit: Stand up & be counted!

I have no patience for bullshit.

I consider Reindeer Games and Secret Squirrel Committee's to be a stain upon the noble endeavor of Restoration of the Constitution as ratified. 

If we can not stand up and be counted in this quest to be rid of Enemies of Liberty, if we Patriots are not willing to stand in the sunlight and let our actions be seen by our Countrymen and our posterity, if we choose to contrive, manipulate and guide by unseen and secretive hands rather than stand up and call out our names, and sign our names in bold script as did John Hancock so the King would know the name of his enemy, then my friends we do not deserve Liberty.

If you are not willing to stand tall on the Green with your name known to the world, your face unmasked, your heart and your intent on full display, I do not want you at my shoulder. 

John Parker did not wear a balaclava.

My goal is to build cohesion and morale, to build our Brand and community.  That is best done by straightforward, brutal honesty, done without giving a damn who has a problem with it.

Meeting face-to-face is good for Liberty.  We should do more of it.

TL's national Summit was an extraordinary stride forward for Liberty.  Many people who would have liked to be there could not attend for various reasons, many cited distance and expense.

So, we will bring a mini-PatCom to you.

I have decided to implement our Gun Show Tour sooner than planned.  In each city we visit, we invite local Patriots to visit our booth, talk Liberty, network, and even help us grow our community with the aisles that are teeming with natural allies.

I'll announce our first show soon.

I hope to meet you.  I hope that we can act as a catalyst for Patriots who live in the same general area to meet, and continue meeting in the weeks and months after the show.

To every Patriot who has hosted, attended, plans to host or attend, or wants to attend a PatCom, thank you all.

Grassroots is how we will grow the fastest, safest, most effectively.  Shaking hands, looking into one another's eyes is how we can build trust.  Meeting and building trust leads to Tribes, and networked Tribes among AO's becomes a nationwidew force of Shock Forces for Liberty...we, the III.

We do not need a large army.

We need an army of Patriots who mean to be free, or dead.

No more hiding, folks.  No more standing on the edges.  It is time to stand up and be counted.

It is time to let the Enemies of Liberty know that imposing their Tyranny may be possible, but it will not be free.  In fact, we intend to make it cost more than they are willing to pay.



  1. The time for being a grey man is long past. Stand up, be seen and be counted.

  2. I agree. I know it can be a hard decision considering what could happen to us, but if we don't stand up, in the light of day, to be counted, how will other's know who and what we stand for? There possibly could be thousands of people who believe in the same things we do but just need to know they won't be hanging out there to dry by themselves. That there are other Patriots who would stand with them. Besides, like I've said before, if our society thinks we're a fringe group it will be easier for the traitors to sweep us under the rug, so to speak.
    Teresa Hoke House aka Miss Violet

  3. True story, Teresa.

    Reginald F Thibodeau

  4. I been telling folks in my area the same thing for a while!Stand up and be counted!

    Dan Stewart aka Chinasyndrome


  5. I see that my own friends are fearful, they fear the beast and as such, they stay away because I speak out against what is wrong. I pity their cowardice.

    Semper Fi, 0321 aka Siegfried Schulz


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