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Tuesday, April 17, 2012

We, the Hunted...

TSA is sending Agents onto the Houston bus system for random checks, looking for suspicious behavior and pre-crime behavior.

Tell me, folks, is there anyone out there in our community who does not agree that the entire Political Class of the country, from FedGov down, has declared war upon We the People and intend to have our total submission?

My response: Carthage. Salt the Earth where every Government Building now stands.

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  1. You got it right k...whole lot of these bastards need to go.

  2. They have declared war, by committing unconstitutional acts of treason against us. They have brought violence and death to innocent people, and have failed to prosecute and incarcerate the perpetrators among themselves. But you already know that...

  3. Salt the Earth? And make the real estate totally worthless? I say just leave the buildings for the future considerably smaller governments to auction off, suitably washed of bloodstains and with bullet holes patched, of course. On the other hand, the bloodstains in legislature buildings should be preserved, though, pour encourager les suivants.

  4. With DAMNED FEW exceptions, minions of the federal colossus consider the rest of us at most a tad above pond scum. I managed to piss off a federal park ranger recently. He arranged for me to be jailed, spend a night naked in a cell under suicide watch and have my CHL suspended - possibly revoked! My crime? Asking him why he was away from his jurisdiction during ostensible duty hours and striding into my favorite range with a loaded (at least it had a magazine in the well) M-4. His reply? "None of your damned business!" Yeah, I followed him back inside (I had been there sighting in my FNAR for 200 yds) and continued the conversation. Come to find out he and another ranger (Two federal thugs off the reservation in the middle of the day wouldn't have alarm bells going off in YOUR skull, too?) were there for some sort of qualification.

    I asked nicely, respectfully so why couldn't he have been a mensch and told me, or even said that he couldn't say. NOYB is a response that evidences an utter lack of respect for us slobs out here in the real world. Anyhow the cops were called (and an honest-to-goodness COP - not a pig - responded, thank Heaven) and I wound up handcuffed in the back of a police car and process through the City Magistrate's center and booked into county lockup. Note: in 5 years of doing private security I never saw anyone on whom I called PD for criminal trespass taken in unless they already had an open warrant. Anyhow, Ranger Rick made a point of showing up (with a huge shit-eating grin on his face) and apparently convinced the powers that be that I should be treated as a suicide risk. Anyhow I was told when they took my clothes away that I was on suicide watch and that I had to wait for a psych eval - to determine if I was SANE!

    BTW, it was Ranger Rick who "detained" me and kept me from just leaving. He threatened to taze me. When I advised him that I have a pacemaker and being tazed could very well KILL me, his reply was "I don't care!" followed up by a wolfish grin.

    So the beast commits grand treason and its minions play petty games with us little people and we are told to shut up and live with it. They cavalierly threaten our lives for minor offenses and gloat about it. Grand evil or petty abuse and head games, it is all evil and consistent with tyranny. Fortunately I had an opportunity to advise Ranger Rick that when the revolution comes people him will convert to targets.


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