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Tuesday, April 3, 2012

What would it take?

A while ago we explored how many Patriots were really involved in laying the ground for the shooting part of RevWarI - the folks who went to places like the Green Dragon Tavern, the folks who went aboard the ships in Boston and dumped tea, the folks who burned the homes of tax collectors and Governors. That link is here.

The number is minute, in terms of percentages, and the same arithmetic would apply today.

What would it take, today, to actually get the herd moving off the couch and into the streets, looking for food, or medicine, or any other requirement of life sufficient to start a cascade failure of the system, leading to Implosion?

Was your life in Washington State affected by Katrina? How about you folks in Philadelphia?

Did the LA Riots of '92 affect the ability to get California produce on the shelves in grocery stores on the east coast?

Our system is dynamic, and able to absorb disruptions to some extent. If ships can't get into New Orleans, they go to the nearest ports that still have working infrastructure. Instead of California produce leaving via Long Beach, they go to SD or further north.

But could the system compensate for 2 Katrina-scale disruptions simultaneously? 3? 5?

Everything in America rides on a truck, pulled by a trucker, at some point in its travels from A to Z. What would it take to stop trucks from getting into areas that produce food, or getting to places that consume food?

How many large events in rapid succession would it take before you went to the bank and demanded your cash, along with your neighbors, that leads to a cascade failure of the economy, further causing problems for the truckers who are still able to move, but can't get fuel in their trucks because of bank holidays?

Just how fragile is our system?

You and I already know the answer.

You and I also know that very powerful forces in America, Enemies Foreign & Domestic, are striving diligently to hit critical mass and send us into a glide path that can only result in a crater.

ObamaCare could kindle a serious Constitutional Crisis, all by itself, that leads to a Ruckus. Now tack on a bank holiday. Now add a gasoline refinery going offline. Now tack on a...

We simply are not very far from complete chaos.

It is in the chaos that Liberty will find opportunity and peril.

Are you ready?

Really, really ready? Or are you just discussing how many Angels can fit on the head of a pin on III/Prepper/NRA sites as others work toward tangible action?

Talking is fine, folks. But talk while you work.

Every day, advance your ability to survive in some tangible manner.

It is that serious. It is that close.

And there are serious people who want it...so it will happen.


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  1. I think you are onto something K. I'm a prepper but I did 13 years in the military and consider myself a patriot as well. I think what folks need to do is START now! It's not about meeting up at Lexington, but everyday do something to make yourself free! Don't be like the folks at the Superdome during Katrina who were at the mercy of the FEDS. Store staples and learn to make real food, have water stored and a way to make more safe water. Barter, trade and have junk silver. While I may not be as physically capable as I used to be. I do have tools, knowledge and my neighbors trade with me their muscle power.
    My Block is planning a Taxday party on Apr. 15th. One neighbor is a DJ will provide the Music. We are going to potluck and have some homemade beer and as much stuff as possible that we have made or grown ourselves. It ain't sexy but it's a start and we will win if we start at home first, then a block, a neighborhood then etc.....


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