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Thursday, April 26, 2012

Will you allow yourself to be arrested?

"They actually close the road sometimes so they can race," said Trooper Hernandez, who noted just watching the illegal event is a crime. (I added the underline for emphasis - K)

The Trooper is referring to a street race in Florida that attracted 1,000 cars, as reported on Drudge.

My question to you, Patriot: Have you taken the time to consider your response to the list of possible "Crimes" for which you will allow yourself to be arrested, and those that you will consider to be unconstitutional arrests, and therefore earn your absolute resistance?

Making an arrest to enforce an unconstitutional law is itself a crime, and may be defended (morally, anyway) by the Citizen by any means necessary.

Of course, your life is essentially over at that point, but that is a secondary issue if you have chosen to live on Principle.

But my question is specific: Have you run down the list of crimes for which you will allow yourself to be arrested, and those that will earn your violent defense?

It is brain food - not for public discussion.

Here's the link to the race story.

BTW: Look at that picture from Life Magazine.  See the smile on LEO's face?  Notice his calm stance?  He is centered and in absolute control of the Civilian.  That LEO knows how to handle himself in a real fight.  If you were buckle-to-buckle with that LEO, would you fare any better?  They are not all fat donut-eaters.  Many have decent skills.

Have you started your Krav training?  The guys coming to send you to camp probably have...


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