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Sunday, April 1, 2012

Wyoming Readers: I need a bit of Intel

Holly and I are considering two options for immediate implementation: If we were looking for the cheapest possible rent on a *ahem* residence in Wyoming, where should we look (not just the area, but whether Craigslist, or local paper classifieds et cetera). I don't care about anything but the price - I want cheapcheapcheap. I'll probably never even de-winterize the place.

When I say "residence" I use the term with the widest possible definition. It must be single-family/stand alone - but it can be a trailer on a ranch, or whatever. (I'm not interested in filling out an application for an apartment complex nor am I interested in dealing with an unknown person who may be renting out a room.

We'll probably set foot in it twice in the next year. We won't be registering any vehicles during the first year, but it needs to be a legal address. If Wyoming were a water state, I'd simply rent a boat slip and use that - does an RV rental spot work as a legal residence?

Thanks for any insights.

One of the reasons: Maryland is probably in the top 5 US States that would be comfortable behind the Iron Curtain. Even though the 527 is a Federally recognized non-profit organization, they want a piece of the income! The greedy bastards. So, I'm looking for a work-around that will also get me into Wyoming so I can advance our Wyoming concept a bit while I am there.



  1. Sam,

    We were told we could use our address at an RV park as our legal address, while we are residing there. We did for registering our truck here and for registering to vote. Doesn't mean we can't make trips elsewhere, but our stay must be continuous. Can't stay one month, leave the next, come back, etc. We can - and will - make trips, including with our RV, but we will continue to rent our space while we are gone. We are paying $450 a month, and that includes electricity. There is a cheaper RV park, but that is because she has no bathroom facilities, so you need to be completely self-contained. (We are, but our small water heater means brief showers, so an occasional long, hot one in their very clean bathrooms is nice.

    I do not know if you could use a mail forwarding address as a legal residence address, as we could - and did - in Oregon. Perhaps you could work that out for a small monthly fee at an RV park. The cheapest park here - Pioneer (http://www.pioneerrv.com/) - might work that out with you. For residency you must have a physical address and then must register to vote, register a vehicle, get a DL, or some combination of those. Once you begin to use WY as a legal residence, my understanding is that you have one year to get your DL here (according to DOT: http://www.dot.state.wy.us/wydot/driver_license_records/new_licenses)

    We have only checked the local newspapers and one property management agency, so far. The Lander/Riverton area looks like it could be a tough place to find a rental in the country, but if you are willing to rent a house in town there are a few available, but we are told that the rents in Riverton are cheaper. In Shoshone, they are even cheaper, but it isn't much of a town, kind of run-down, and not much available there. There wasn't much up at Dubois, and it is a long drive from there to any shopping. We haven't been over to the Pinedale area yet, but you are a long way from any shopping there, Jackson being the largest town nearby.

    We asked about properties for sale that have been on the market for a while that haven't sold, and were told that they have a number like that willing to rent, but all are currently rented (at this agency, anyway).

    Tomorrow, my wife is going to contact more of the local real estate agencies to see if we can locate some rural property for rent. If we can't find any in this area, we will probably move to another part of the state where we can. We really like Lander, but living rurally is more important, even if it means going north of Cody to Clark or Powell or Lovell or even further east to Gillett.

    I haven't looked at Craig's list, might take a peek at that while my wife is phoning around tomorrow. I don't think you need to be here to check their lists, though. I just haven't spent much time on their sites, especially with some of the weird stuff that has come out of there.

  2. K, I know your focus is on Wyoming but have you thought about Idaho? The borders are more defensible than Wyoming and the weather tends to be a bit milder. Idaho does have a weakness as all refined petroleum products are transported into the state. We also have a seaport in Lewiston and I think we have better weather for agriculture from orchards to wheat to berries.
    Going off grid is fairly simple if not always cheap. You have an active hot spring areas along the Snake river in the South up into the Sawtooth Mt. in central Idaho. The biggest stand of White pine in the lower 48 states if you look at Clearwater county, and the Palouse prairie for growing wheat.
    Not long ago I saw a nice little acre plus that had an Artesian well, a small trailer with snow roof, septic tank and garden beds already in for $34,000 owner carry.

  3. Sir:I know that you wish info on the western side of the state for your purposes. As an aside, Wyoming has a unique provision where corporations can register their domicile, I believe with a private company who has a brick and morter street address in Cheyenne, with mail routing and a legal basis for a corporate endeavor. I am aware that they exist, their business name escapes me. If they are legal in Laramie county, then there is a fair probability that a mail front could be established in a western Wyoming location. This is reliable/ unreliable info scraped off the cobwebs between the earlobes.
    Regards,sir ..... jim steel

  4. Sam,
    Here are a couple of possibilities along those lines, if they would work for you:



  5. Think water.

    Think Thermopolis.

    - ca

  6. Thanks, Reg for the intel. Pioneer is one I came up with in a search, and I'm pretty sure you are right about them being the cheapest. CA - thanks for Thermopolis. I'm looking for a marina now. There are always workarounds, if one is willing.

    Anon: Thanks. There are several companies that will serve as a "Resident Agent" in Wyoming, which will work for the 527. But I also need a personal address so I can get my personal driver's license, so I need a residential address. Maryland is screwing with me about a 19 year-old tax return, claiming I did not pay (though they admit they got their intel from my Fed Return!) and they are threatening to deny my driver's license renewal unless I fork over big bucks. My default FU attitude engaged, so I'll just do a workaround, and Maryland can suck wind.

    Adventures: I had no clue about Lewiston!

    The only reason I started with Wyoming was because their version of the Federal Firearms Act includes teeth against any Fed who tries to interfere in the State. So, my thinking is, we get the right County Sheriff in office in Wyoming, and we can create a Constitutional Crisis and they back down...or we get our arses whipped like they did in Waco.

    Either way, it is a Win-Win for Liberty. We'd see if all the big-talkers about "No more free Waco's" are sincere about backing up their mouths...though we already know the answer is "No" because Waco's happen every, single day across America.

    But Wyoming is not a final decision, as yet - we have to get closer to the goal and then folks who are serious about being part of the first wave will have to sit down in a room and decide the best place. It won't be my decision alone.

    Thanks, All.


  7. Well, Buford, Wyoming is out. Here's the link:


    Miss Violet ;)


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