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Monday, April 23, 2012

You'll be pleased to know the War on Terror is over...

'The War on Terror Is Over'

Just read the brief story, and understand that the Enemies of Liberty are not merely entrenched in our society - they run it. They are opening the gates and lowering our defenses so our subjugation will be absolute.




  1. It's over over there because TPTB need those resources for das homefront over here. The new terrorists are American citizens.


  2. The war on terror IS over... and the terrorists won. They live off of stolen money ("taxes") and pass "laws" that violate our liberty. Now, the war OF terror begins... if we allow ourselves to be terrorized by them. If not, they have a shock coming.

  3. Heck boys, the Al Qaeda... I mean Muslim Brotherhood, hasn't even got started yet. When Hitler, I mean our government, gets them fully entrenched, well, enjoy the fireworks. As the Muslim Brotherhood will be... useful as the Muslim Brot... I mean Al Qaeda was. Is. Was. Are. Is.


    The war on American citizens was accelerated on what date? And the players were...? Who? And the catalyst was? Shhhh. Sleep. Sleep. The war on terror is over. Until the next catalyst sneaks up on you...

    They are mind pucking you. Again.


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