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Monday, April 9, 2012

Your Papers!

Jenn has posted on the need for Voter ID reform.

I agree we need to tighten up our voting system, but that should not include giving more power to the Government to force us to carry and present our papers.

The pursuit of Liberty should be driving us away from answers that can be offered by Government, and toward answers among ourselves that are founded on common sense. There are ways to secure the franchise without showing a state-issued ID. How about finger dye? How about a retina scanner that ding-ding-dings if the same eye tries to vote twice? (The retina need not be tied to any other identifier). Those are just two potential solutions - one is old-school, one new-tech.

Liberty will only be found at the furthest distance from Government.

Here's the post.



  1. "Liberty will only be found at the furthest distance from Government."
    Which is why our ancestors kept moving West until we ran into that ocean.
    Now, we have only our minds to run to. And time. Eventually they all collapse.

  2. Well... remember, liberty is founded on each individuals own ideas, principle, and virtue. And the ideas, principles, and virtues of the laws of nature and natures God is like a roving line in the sand. It's a thing that blows every which way the wind blows depending on one's own ideas, principles, and virtue. Why, who is to say that this is wrong or right for America's liberty? Like the wind, it just is... no matter which way the wind blows.


  3. Curtis: Glad you decided to get the site back up.

    Moral relativity is a cancer, eating our Soul as a nation.


    1. Well... it'll probably eat me like a cancer. Blogging that is. I kind of got a feel where I want to go with it, but I'm not going to let it take to much of my time. Got my preps in order, my gear straightened out... just need to concentrate more on my family and myself. Finally got a dental appointment tomorrow of which insurance will cover most of it. I got the infection down finally with veterinary antibiotics, 500 MG every 4 hours tetracycline to be exact. Weird that the infection is on the opposite side of my broken tooth which doesn't bother me at all... just ate up a whole side of my top gum about the size of a dime. Working on hearing aides so I don't hear about my hearing by a prospective employer as the economy, especially for mechanics and construction still sucks here. Stopped by my old job the other day and no cars in the parking lot and 3 small jobs in the bay. Haven't had an interview in about 2 months... just, "Not hiring." My hearing, after the test is worse than I thought. Starts at 50 percent low pitch and goes downhill from there to 80 percent high pitch. As suspected, doc says from to much loud things. Been watching what I eat and exercising more as far as the pre-diabetes is concerned and feel much better... I think I can beat that. At 6-3 and 215 lbs I could stand to lose 15 lbs anyhow. Things could be worse, right? And things will be worse if I don't get my own sh*t fixed (-; So that is where I am at.


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