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Wednesday, May 9, 2012

The Boisterous Sea of Liberty

Some folks are uncomfortable with the plan of the American Liberty Congress to draft a train of abuses, to include a cease and desist order, to incorporate a demand that our Political Class begin immediately abiding the letter and spirit of the Constitution, especially since we intend to hand-deliver this signed scroll on the steps of the US Capitol while wearing empty holsters to convey the serious nature of our sincerity.

I know most of you agree with me that this plan is not too confrontational. Personally, I find that it strikes a serious level of political symbolism that will disrupt the political talking points just 72 hours from election day. I already have assurances from people I have known for quite a while and trust that we will have print and video MSM on site, and we will be received by at least one official Staffer from a Congressional office.

Here is where I'd like you folks to weigh-in and add some discussion to this thread: Should we make it a point to invite the Enemies of Liberty to meet us there? You and I know what that means. You and I know where that may go. You and I know this is a discussion that must be had in this country. You and I know that we will never have more men who want Liberty that we have today.

My 2 cents: If you want the modern III on the political radar, if you want us at the table, if you agree the fastest way to do it is to have MSM cameras rolling while we demand Constitutional values (for Hearts & Minds PR) while getting the Enemies of Liberty to unmask themselves on national camera, we'll never have a better moment than in the heat of the hours before the election.

We may not get there. Bad People may push the Detonate Button before we reach November 3rd. There is nothing we can do about that, except do the best we can with what we've got.

Empty holsters and our statement: This is the last time I come unarmed... is a phrase that I think would make Jefferson and Henry proud...so long as we mean it. That doesn't mean we come back to DC Locked & Loaded - that'd be giving them fish to shoot in a barrel, and I'm not going out like that. But it means we go home and we begin enforcing the Constitution.

So, my question: Should we invite the Enemies of Liberty to our Party on the steps of the Capitol and let the world see the beasts they are?

Oh - you naysayers who think this entire idea is too provocative, or that we have not "lit the revolution in the hearts of enough Americans yet", sorry but I have to dismiss you from the conversation. For every one American who may be awakened this year, another million+ will be indoctrinated the other way by the Tyrants. We don't have time, and I am done waiting until you catch up to the truth...I can't afford to wait for you to get a clue.



  1. Seem to me that you (or better yet, we) are either 'all in' or not. Why not push hard and stand up for what you (we) believe? At best, those on the other side have already made their stand.
    Can't attend any of your events given finances and my location but with you (and others of the same mind) all the way. Currently building our 'tribe' in my location. Best of luck and thank you for all you do ..........

  2. Worker: The Bad People have their plan, they will have us bend knee, go to prison or die and it is that simple. They are All-In, and so am I.

    I do not plan to cooperate one little bit.

    You keep doing what you are doing, finding ways to Resist, and I will keep trying to find ways for good Americans like you to meet up with other good Americans to improve your odds.

    One of the reasons for the Gun Show Tour is so local III Patriots who would otherwise not get together in a PatCom can at least meet at our gun show booth and meet one another.

    Hang strong, never surrender, and we will find a way to perpetually F* the plans of the Bad People...at least until I am dead.

    They are morally weaker than us. They have things they will send other people to kill for...

    We have things for which we will die.

    Stay Safe


  3. I hate questions like this.
    Actually, no I don't. I think we should invite our enemies. We know who they are, let them meet us. As much as I hate the thought of being unarmed there, I know that I/we are not defenseless. And if we have actual media and live video streaming (so that the truth actually gets out along with the media spin), then the world will be able to see them for what they are too.
    The part of this plan that I'm uncomfortable with is that I'm not a fast thinker. I've had a couple accidents that slowed my thought processes. I can sit down and string together a fairly decent post, but I have difficulty having the same conversation in real time. Because of this I tend to hang back and keep my mouth shut if possible, but when it's not I get frustrated quickly and that either makes me look stupid or gets me into a confrontation.
    However, my slowness aside, invite them. I'd like to look in their eyes and let them look in mine. I may not be the fastest with words, but I can usually get my meaning across.

  4. So say we all, I'll be present and accounted for.

    Randy Dye III

  5. Invite the enemy. They'll be there anyhow, via security cameras. Maybe they'll have the gonads to physically appear. But I doubt it.


  6. Just wondering.... who pays attention to the 'mainstream media' anymore? The FSA?

    Related: Why are we intent on needing Hanoi Jane to give us airtime? Will that somehow validate our existence?

    One more - is this like another Knob Creek Resolution?

  7. Excellent idea to invite the enemies of Liberty. Let the whole world see them for what they really are. Guess I had better save a little extra money for bail :-)


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