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Wednesday, May 16, 2012

The danger of half-assed thinking...

Restore the Constitution, as ratified.

Just in case anyone out there is letting other people think for them (especially stupid people): "...as ratified..." does not make us a slave nation.

There are no slaves alive today in America. (Except all of us to USG)

The US Constitution prohibits the US Congress from limiting the importation of slaves prior to 1808. Article 1 Section 9.

There is nothing in the Constitution that compels Slavery.

"...as ratified..." would not suddenly bring slaves to our shores. I rather suspect that every State in the union currently has anti-slavery laws on the books, which means in an "...as ratified..." America, where the 9th and 10th Amendments matter again...

...no slaves.

This is simple stuff, folks.


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  1. Also, "as ratified" does not prohibit women or minorities from voting. There was nothing in the original Constitution that prohibited that.
    The restrictions at that time were such that you had to be a landowner to vote. There were women and minority voters well before those amendments were made.


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