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Sunday, May 27, 2012

For those who have fought, and those who will...

Memorial Day. Many of us have family members who have fought in our foreign wars. Some have family members who have died in foreign combat. Many of you have served with weapons in your hands in foreign war/combat zones.

As a young child in the 70's I spent a lot of time at the local VFW Post, and I got to know men from WWI, WWII and Korea. At that time very few Vietnam vets came to the Post. At one cookout there were guests with tattoos on their arms.

The ideal of America is unlike any other from History.

In America all men are equal. That's how it is supposed to be, anyway.

No man must bend knee or bow his head or avert his eyes from any other man.

Joe the Plumber has every Right as does the President of the republic. Indeed, the President should be hemmed by rules that do not bind the average Citizen, making the President even less powerful than his constituents.

That is how it is supposed to be.

I vow that this land will never surrender to the horrors of tyranny suffered by most other nations on Earth, so long as I am alive. Equality is the only goal. That no man be controlled by another.

This weekend, remember and respect all those who went abroad in good faith to protect the ideal of America. This weekend, steel your spine to continue their work here, where Enemies Domestic reside.

This weekend, look about and see every single Citizen who thinks he deserves your deference or fealty or the fruits of your labor, and understand that he is an Enemy of Liberty, and he is close enough for you to do your duty to Liberty and the ideal of America.

All Americans are equal. Period. Any other concept offends.

Additional thought: Those who have fought before us did not sacrifice so that you and I could meekly surrender and submit to groping TSA, unconscionable theft through taxation, and tyranny at the hands of our Countrymen. I will not permit their sacrifices to have been in vain.

Yours in Liberty.


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  1. This is not a criticism of the post, just thinking on the keyboard...

    The concept, as espoused by Jefferson, was, originally, that "all are equal before the Law," which has been misinterpreted to mean that all Americans are equal in every respect.

    Unfortunately, sometimes to get clarity, the parsing of concepts must be performed to ensure proper meaning is conveyed.


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