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Monday, May 7, 2012

How many groups, and howmany ways, can we offend?

Think about this:

We will be offending Leftists and Marxists and Establishment R's just by showing up to disrupt their election cycle talking points.

We will be really upsetting the anti-gunners for our This is the last time I come unarmed... shirts, signs and stickers.

Should we tick off the muslimes while we are there?

Bacon & Koran, in tribute to Miss Barnhardt?

If our message is "It's the Constitution, Stupid!" then anything our current illegitimate Tyrants are doing that offends and injures the Constitution is fair game to call out, is it not?

We can surely find a way to mock and ridicule the War on Drugs if we choose. We can offend the Banksters & their Crony Politicians. We can stick a thumb in the eye of IRS.

Please use this space to kick the ideas around.

Taxation is rape, pillage, plunder, immoral and a sin: Let's find the most offensive manner we can construe to point it out.

If there are any sacred cows, folks - I want a Porterhouse.

We are going to get one shot, let's not waste it.



  1. bitter clinging TexanMay 7, 2012 at 2:08 PM

    I like all of the ideas except for the first one.
    American citizens who are Muslims are the natural allies of the three percent, IMO. Most are small business owners and firearms owners who are profiled by fedgov law enforcement. Im not going to downtalk Ms Barnhardt, but to put it mildly, I am not real wild about her muslim-baiting.
    all the other ideas are GREAT though

  2. Speaking of offending, how's the poster project going?
    Miss Violet

    PS I am tired of going through the wordpress/blogger bs every time I want to post, so I probably will go back to the anonymous/Miss Violet signage, y'all know who I am.

    1. Poster is moving. I still haven't found the photographer I want. But I have the concept worked out in my head and it will be quite the offensive prelude to our Liberty Congress.

      I'll consider the Poster/Congress concepts as successes if we can make a Marxist blow a main brain vein and stroke out. ;)



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