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Tuesday, May 8, 2012

KA-BAR: Live at IIIGear.com

The KA-BAR page is live at IIIGear.com, folks.

If anyone wants to add a serious combat blade to their kit, I can officially commend to you KA-BAR. I know I am late to this party, the KA-BAR has been gutting Commies around the world for generations. I never trained with it until recently.

I prefer the Tanto point with serrated edge I have pictured, but you simply can't go wrong with the traditional designs,m whatever variation you choose. I have not trained or inspected the Kukri's or other variations, so buyer beware.

Most of you know I am a Cold Steel guy. In particular, if I knew I was going into a knife fight (or a gun fight, for that matter) I would choose a San Mai III Cold Steel Tanto.

But for the first time I will admit, I would feel just as safe with this KA-BAR within reach. I have a single nit to pick - I would change the pommel from a round, flat disc to a point like the Cold Steel, the better to crush your Sphenoid on a back-stroke, dear.

But at 1/3 the price of my Cold Steel, don't think you've cheated yourself in any manner with that KA-BAR in your hand.

All KA-BAR's ordered through us get a laser-etched III on them, so allow a bit more time. No additional charge. I will include the plastic sheath unless you specifically tell me you want leather.

Finally, I could really use moving 10 of these bad boys in the next few days so we can add a few to the Gun Show table. My first purchase to KA-BAR (and most vendors) is $500.

In case I have not said it recently, folks - thank you all for the support you have shown for the efforts to build the III Brand. I am proud to be able to help you get some of the gear you want/need and build our chances for Liberty at the same time/

By the way: Many of you noted the Condor Gear I had at Mercer, I have put several pieces through their paces in the last month, so I'll issue a report soon.



  1. Order for a K-Bar on the way. Took a look at the one my father had....and there's not much left to sharpen. A new one with a plastic sheath will fit the FLC nicely.

  2. I've already got a Ka-Bar 1245 Tanto (http://www.kabar.com/knives/detail/12), or I'd order one from you. However, if you have the least interest in kukris, check out the Ontario Kukri (http://www.chestnutridgeknifeshop.com/catalog/product_info.php?products_id=355&osCsid=bf4bd11b01730935b502161786b8506c)

    I bought one recently and love it. 1/4" at the spine, heavy, but balanced right, and it has the true kukri shape, as opposed to Ka-Bar's version and the cheap Cold Steel models (I own three of those already). The sheath could be better, but it works to keep the edge covered, which was sharp enough to shave hair off of my arm right out of the box.

    DO NOT buy from the Ontario Knife Store. They are not actually connected to Ontario, and are a rip-off. They will take your money for blades they do not have in stock and use it to buy it from Ontario, making you wait a month to six weeks (six weeks in my case).

    When I found out they had lied about it being in stock, I was told I could cancel, but then they never refunded my money. They shipped the knife anyway, and I had to dispute it through my credit card company, taking another six weeks to get my money back.

    Chestnut Ridge Knife Store had it in stock and shipped it right away, at the same price with cheaper shipping. Stay away from Ontario Knife Store.


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