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Monday, May 7, 2012

Liberty Congress: Let's do this hard

Folks, I am going to do something that offends my nature to the core. I am going to ask you for money to support this Liberty Congress every day. I am not going to quit because of my revulsion for asking for money. I am going to ask you to go to your spouse, your kids, inlaws, parents, co-workers, steal from the blind-guy on the street, pick-pocket cops...you get the idea.

Look at the final design we are running with your shirts above, by Zoomie. I'll also be printing posters/signs. I'll be printing stickers so we can wallpaper your National Capitol and the forehead of every Union and SEIU idiot we encounter.

I will be trying to cut a deal with a holster company, just in case anyone needs a good holster - I know Jenn's hubby makes fine work.

And because Concerned American prompted me, here's the bombshell of the day: Ann Barnhardt will be there with us.

Are you beginning to see what we have here, folks.

I hate asking for money. I must ask. Please hit the Donate button - that is clean profit for the 527. Buy gear - we don't keep as much, but you folks get stuff.

And I can't ask this enough: Break out of your shell and find all of your Tea Party Contacts, all of your NRA Contacts (Even the ones you called bad names) and tell them to get involved at drop $10. I promise you, this is an event the NRA simply does not have the stones to pull off.

You want the III on the radar? You want to be part of the conversation? You want them to understand WHY we are kicking their collective arses when we go home?

Support this effort, folks.

I have a great many confirmations already. CA, TL. Others who I do not have permission to broadcast, but they are folks you have met at PatComs. And now, Ann Barnhardt.

We are the III.

We claim that means something.

Prove it. Right now.

Don't have $10 or $20 bucks? Send us an old holster so we can hand them out to folks we recruit on the spot. You can contribute. Find a way. Go to your local gun shop - they are SWIMMING in cash right now, tell them to cut a check for $100 and we will MAKE SURE thet get promoted online and at the event.

I need you to go to work, folks. I can't do it all alone.

It isn't all about money (but make no mistake, we need cash).

I need you to talk others into opening their wallet. I need small gun/shooting companies to reach out to me in email and I'll work out a sponsorhip deal that will get them in the mix for a donation. We can hand out their business cards. We can do many things.

Just do it, folks.

This is our moment.

The time for the III is now.

Go to Ann's place and thank her.

Next time you comment at CA's, thank him.

Next time you visit Bill Nye, Brock, TL, thank them.

This is a cumulation of events, an evolution. I'm just the guy on point at the moment. I can't get anything done without your energy and brainpower improving my meager efforts.

300 Patriots from Sparta made everlasting history.

300 Americans can push back millions of Enemies of Liberty.

Please hit the Donate button or go to IIIGear.com and buy something. Every penny helps.


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  1. Great post, as always. How do I donate? And how do I get to the site to order one of the shirts?


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