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Thursday, May 17, 2012

Listen. Can you hear the words?

I hear Curtis.

Trainer does, too.

To the folks who point to the words "General Welfare" and "Interstate Commerce" and see peril and doom and plots of Evil, riddle me this: When was the last time those words attacked you in a dark alley and drew blood?

Folks, you can write any three words you want on a piece of paper and let two men see the paper. If they agree, no problem. If they refuse to heed the words, just WTF is the paper supposed to do about it?

Miss V mentioned the words Common Sense. Did anyone hear her?

Just a little bit more of that in each person would make so many of our worldly issues go away.

Oh, F* me, here I am in the loop again.



  1. A good place to start would be the Federalist Papers. I know... I had to really slog through it. But everyone should do it at least once. It explains a lot... like "General Welfare" and "Commerce." And people should really read up on the Founders, a lot... but you have to be careful of the author. One thing I have found to help, is after reading a particular authors book, is to read the writings of the Founders them self... AND, then put their words and belief in context to the whole part.

  2. "Oh, F* me, here I am in the loop again."

    Use your knife. ; )

    Miss Violet


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