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Thursday, May 3, 2012

Lurk & Sneak or Stand up and be counted?

John Parker walked to the Green and stood his ground.

He did not hide.

He was not worried about minions of the King kicking in his door and raiding his farm.

It is called Principle.

We have grumbled.  We have written letters.  We have voted.

When is the last time any American looked a tyranical politician in the eye and reminded him that we are a nation born in 2A?

If you are that kind of Patriot, if you have the mettle to walk into their lair and look them in the eye and demand that they return to Constitutionally proper conduct, I invite you to join me in November.

We will meet among ourselves on Friday November 2.

We will sign our names to a beautiful parchment that demands our elected leaders and their bureaucratic minions immediately return to Constitutional parameters.

Our parchment will include an or else...

We will spend the remainder of our Friday among one another.

Saturday, just 72 hours before the election, we will walk as a group of Patriots to the United States Capitol to meet with a designated representative of Congress and deliver our parchment.

There will be media.

There will be SEIU and CPUSA and other Enemies of Liberty between us and our destination.

Our holsters will be empty.

Our shirts and signs will speak for us all: This is the last time I come unarmed...

If you are the kind of Patriot who is ready and willing to look the Enemies of Liberty in the eye and demand they stand down...

If you are the kind of Patriot who who dares SEIU, CPUSA or other thugs to stand in your way as you move toward the Capitol...

If you are the kind of Patriot who is ready to stand up and be counted...

...gear up.

The world may implode before November 2.  It may not.  If it still spins and Bad People are still doing Bad Things, I will be there, alone if need be.  50 of us will be newsworthy.

300 and we match Leonidas.

Stand up and be counted.



  1. "300 and we match Leonidas"



  2. Is anyone aware of this bill? H. CON. RES. 107 IMPEACHMENT CHARGES ON OBAMA

  3. Having been a leader in the call for action, this site has an appeal and I'd like to know a bit moe about who you are and how serious you'll be. Off focus blogs are a dime a dozen.
    Having organized a Pitchforks and Torches rally in Atlanta I fully realize the hill we climb is steep and people are, by and large, afraid to say who they are for fear of retaliation by the PTB. I have no such fear even after visits by the SS and FBI. I stand my Constitutional Rule of Law ground and they know it and the only question one SS agent asked that I could not answer was this. "What happens after youv'e exhausted your last means of peaceful edress"? Ladies and gentlemen, I'm to report that those means of redress have been exhausted save one.., a case I have that is going to the Supreme Court. After that it's official. I will have walked the path of the founders in the leadup to the Revolution.
    My name is Carl Swensson and I'm not afraid of the path ahead. Those of us who want this country back know full well what it is going to take and an empty holster won't get it done. I recognize some of the names you've got and would be proud to be associated and work with them. I can be reached at prevere@riseupforamerica.com or you can call me at 678-438-6138.
    Anonymity no longer cuts the mustard.
    I have others who feel as I do but will not aquiant themselves with aimless bloggers. They/we are ready and anticipate the next logical step and the only issues left to discuss are those of logistics. That, my friends, is all we should be talking about. That and finding as many like minded Patriots as we can muster.


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