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Wednesday, May 16, 2012


they’ll [Republicans] draw up bills to keep the popular, consumer-friendly portions in place — like allowing adult children to remain on parents’ health care plans until age 26, and forcing insurance companies to provide coverage for people with pre-existing conditions. Ripping these provisions from law is too politically risky, Republicans say.

And you see the R's slowing down the mad American rush to full-throated Socialism, where?

If you are convinced there is going to be a fight either way, then the only difference between R & D is time and place of impact.

If you think 2-3 years more time is good for you to build preps, consider what the Bad People will build into SkyNet in the same time.

Still think waiting is better?

And for all you folks who condemn the Constitution and herald it as a scam from the beginning, I have a simple point that proves you are full of snot: A House & Senate filled with Patriots like TL, CA, Brock, Kent, Bill, et cetera would abolish every wrong currently being perpetrated.

You can't tell me, or convince me, that we'd have the same abuse endured today if we had genuine Patriots in office.

You can't tell me those men administering Governance by our written Constitution would result in loss of Liberty for a single American, anywhere.

You can't tell me those men would be corrupted by power of office.

So your "The Constitution sucks and is a scam" meme is tired, old and dismissed.

Here's the full column.


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