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Friday, May 11, 2012

Walter Williams

Remember how NBC edited the Zimmerman 911 tape to make it seem to the public that Zimmerman was motivated by his disgust of blacks?

How is that anything less than attempted murder? I agree the media have 1A protection to do what they did. You know that I consider some speech beyond the protection of 1A, but this is not in that category.

Lying about Zimmerman in the hopes of inciting racial violence is vile, void of ethics and morality, disgusting, and unconscionable...but I would have to say 1A holds.

But just because the Federal Government has no Constitutional Right to punish that speech, does that mean proud American Citizens who understand Right versus Wrong have no power to censor that speech to ensure that a needless Race War does not take place? I'm not talking about boycotting sponsors. I'm not talking about turning the channel. I'm talking about swelling men's eyes shut who would start a Race War.

Government is not the problem. Government is nothing more than a collection of individuals.

Corporations such as NBC are not the problem, for any corporation is nothing more than a collection of individuals working in concert for, usually, a common goal.

Most people would claim no American has the Right to act against NBC in such circumstances, citing 1A and the Government's Monopoly of Violence.

I say that one of the take-aways from the American Liberty Congress in November will be that proud, prudent Americans will begin to take it upon themselves to defend ourselves against the stupid and the deliberate war baiters. I say that we will police ourselves and be rid of Soulless people who would start wars wherein millions would die, and a few would get rich. I say when we go to Washington DC on November 3rd, it'll be the last time we come unarmed...

...and when we go home, we'll be taking that attitude with us to our personal AO's.

Good hunting, Patriots.

Here's the link to Williams, one of the sharper minds of our time.


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