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Wednesday, June 27, 2012

36 hours and counting...

Within 36 hours we will know more about ObamaCare and Contempt of Congress charges for Attorney General Holder.

Don't get excited.

ObamaCare: No matter what decision comes down from the Court, remember this fact - if you take the position that they have the authority to kill it, you take the position that they have the authority to impose it.

Beyond that premise, which you know I reject, there are political realities. Most importantly the Republicans are not going to kick Healthcare out of the Federal basket. They have no intention of surrendering power of such a huge percentage of the GDP. The Republican call is "Repeal & Replace" if SCOTUS upholds any part of ObamaCare. No matter what happens, not one politician in power or running for office is taking the Constitutionally-correct position that FedGov has ZERO role in American healthcare.

Holder: This one is going to upset a big chunk of our community, as well as the NRA crowd. (Have you noticed that even segments of the NRA crowd have taken issue with Suarez?)

There are many variables regarding the Contempt vote tomorrow. It could be cancelled or "delayed" by last minute games from either side. It could go to the Floor and be voted down. It could go to the Floor and be approved.

I'll address the potential of the vote passing. If the Attorney General is held in Contempt for not producing documents that POTUS has declared off-limits, you have a headline-making bit of political theatre that will help the D's talk about issues other than the economy. In fact, from the D perspective, you'll hear many arguments about how unreasonable this Republican House has been, thwarting POTUS at every turn, blah blah.

Simple truth: A Contempt citation does not upset the D's at all. They may be hoping for it.

Second consideration: If the Attorney General is held in Contempt, why would he and POTUS not decide this is the best time for him to take the sting and step down? Think about that for a moment. If Holder steps down, POTUS has to find, nominate, and then get through the Senate another AG - a process that will drag beyond the election cycle. And you can be certain there will be no document release until the new AG "...has a chance to get settled into office and review all GunWalker information..."

So folks, no matter what happens tomorrow regarding the Contempt vote, don't expect anything close to "Victory" for the R's. It ain't gonna happen.

Even if they do a document dump to take the vote off the table, the documents will prove generally useless.

Politically, there is no downside for the D's tomorrow regarding the Contempt vote.

Politically, Boehner is correct: There is nothing but Loser headlines for the R's, no matter what happens.

And make no mistake, folks, nothing about GunWalker is now about "Justice", it is all about Politics from both sides. Even Chairman Issa is on a political hunt. He's looking for a D takedown of any sort he can put in his resume for 2016 or 2020...

One final note: Not one American of the Leftist persuasion devotes 2 seconds a day thinking about Gunwalker. They don't care. It is the same for the average R voter and non-voter. They don't care.

GunWalker only matters Inside the Beltway and in the politically hard-Right part of the spectrum. And I can tell you first-hand: Inside the Beltway this issue is not significant. It is not an issue that keeps D's or R's awake at night. It is political noise, and nothing else.

For 99.9% of America, GunWalker is a non-issue.

Sorry for the Reality.



  1. I agree K. These aren't just sparklies. They are great big faceted diamonds covered in glitter and then dipped in pixie dust. But wait, if you scatch the surface of one of them, it's not quite a diamond, it's a big ole' lump of coal under all that sparkle and shine.

    I told my husband to just wait and see, if the HC is struck down, the R's will scramble to fill the void with their new and improved version.

    As far as Gunwalker, pffft. I figured out from the beginning, you can't ride a dead horse.

    Frankly, I'm edging closer and closer to a complete withdrawal. I am so disgusted with my country and it's "citizens".

    Miss Violet

    1. Obamacare and Romneycare is the Republican's bastard child. The Individual Mandate was conceived by Newt Gingrich as an "alternative" to Hillary's singleplayer system.

      The Republicans also brought us NDAA, the Patriot Act, TSA, DHS, the Democrats added those their Stalinist dreams and the masses just bent over saying that we all lose rights for the duration of war, citing restrictions on speech in WWII (never knowing that war has always been used as an excuse to suspend constitutional rights since the civil war).

      Any flak the Republicans send at the Democrats are simply blanks. By design.

    2. Sweet pea, you are preachin' to the choir.

      Miss V

  2. 99% of America doesn't care about the Constitution, that doesn't mean I'm gonna give up on it. Constitutional government is not a popularity contest. If we are to be a true nation of laws that means those laws apply to all...universally. The executive doesn't get to pick and choose.

    In the grand scheme of thins pretty much EVERYTHING can be considered a sparklie. So if I choose to draw a line in the sand about one thing or another I'll consider that my God given right to do so.

    1. Anon: If you are drawing your line in the sand re: Gunwalker, what happens when you realize that most of what you think you know about the case is based on lies?


  3. I have always known that Fast and Furious was bread and circuses.

    All warfare is based on deception.

    While the media circus is shining the spotlight on the clowns of Fast and Furious, the military is increasingly being spotted on American streets, and the UN Arms Trade Treaty is being negotiated in secret along with other secret treaties (ACTA).

  4. Mr. K,

    The Fast & Furious initiative was criminal in it's creation, implementation and results. The usurper soetoro-obama and henchmen Holder and Napolitano conspired to attack American freedom and liberty. People died on both sides of the border because of these three.

    While you state you will vote to honor those who died to give you that privilege you, on the other hand, seem to dismiss the criminality & conspiracy of Fast & Furious, as a fart in the wind.

    soetoro-obama and his MSM minions have played this traitorous conspiracy well. Fast & Furious was never covered by the media as the Nixon takedown of Watergate was. A bungled burglary where no one died was media covered like no other burglary. Forty years later we have an illegal Marxist in the West Wing, who works to destroy 2A with a villainous operation where an American and numerous Mexican citizens are murdered and that is inconsequential ?

    Seems to me the 3 November Liberty event would parallel your analysis of Fast & Furious and the Holder contempt vote. Perhaps your 3 November event can be described the way you described the effort to hold Holder responsible: "It is political noise, and nothing else".

    Seems to me that NOTHING really matters in this country anymore. Nothing.

    And THAT is the reality.

    DAN III, 0.01 Percenter

    1. Dan: Much of what you say is valid only if you believe the version of Gunwalker that has been presented.

      I do not, for a single second, buy into the premise and I may decide to post on that later.

      Believe me, our November 3 event will not change a single thing in America except in the hearts of those who choose to attend. The media won't take it seriously. Our Masters will not take it seriously. Our enemies will not take us seriously until the Sons of Liberty back our play.

      The only value it has is for those who show up and stand side by side, so they know they are not alone and can take measure of those who choose to move forward with them. If we are lucky, it may have a bit of value in letting a wider audience know we exist.

      Your final statement is correct: Nothing much matters in this country anymore, until we fix it.


    2. Mr. K,

      As always I appreciate your comments and your reply to me. I sometimes disagree with your perspective (sometimes, not often) but I can always look forward to civil discourse with you.

      I disagree with some of your response to me but we can both agree that nothing much matters in this country anymore, until we fix it.

      Thank you,

      DAN 0.01%

    3. Dan: Thank you. Even if we disagree on a few points, I think we agree on most.


  5. "No matter what decision comes down from the Court, remember this fact - if you take the position that they have the authority to kill it, you take the position that they have the authority to impose it."

    That doesn't even make any sense. The judiciary's job is to review the constitutionality of laws. They are doing that. Sorry, it's basic Civics. If you in fact support the Founding Fathers' ideals, why would you have a problem with this particular part of the checks and balances? Especially if you oppose Obamacare and the way it WAS imposed. Sounds like you have a problem with the government, period, whether it be that set up by the Founders or what it has morphed into on numerous levels.

    1. Erin: I just posted to your points.


    2. Heck K,
      We're just treadin' water here today so, let's just call it a night and go have a beer and you can tell me how you keep your knives sharp. Do you send them out to be sharpened or do you do it yourself?
      Miss Violet

    3. Miss V: Knives...

      I have very rigid rules regarding my blades. The blades I have dedicated to combat never, ever do any other chore. I do not even train with those knives. Instead, I buy a second (or third/fourth if it is one of my blades I use in each hand) for training.

      So if I ever have to go to a blade for defense, I know the blade is virgin and will do what I demand.

      All of my Go Bags have multiple blades, each has a specific role. For instance, I may have a bag equipped with 2 identical KA-BARs. One will be for "chores" and the other will never be drawn except for a fight. I have folders that I treat the same way. Some are purely reserved for fighting, others may be used for chores.

      I sharpen my own trainers and chore blades. If I have a fighter that I don't like the factory edge, I'll slick it up myself. It isn't as easy as it may seem to get a good edge that will stay sharp. Anyone can get a good edge, but the angle for "keeping" the edge is tougher to master. So, I would not hesitate to recommend someone send a knife to a trusted bladesmith or back to the factory for a fresh edge.

      Unless your question was just rhetorical, in which case...nevermind. ;)


  6. Thanks! No it was not rhetorical, I just thought that was a good place to ask it, considering. ;)

    Thank you for the info, I really was wanting to know that. I remembered what you had said about keeping a blade just for defense, but I wanted to know about the chore blades.

    More blade budgeting....

    Miss V


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