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Monday, June 4, 2012

Consider: Withdraw your consent

Passive resistance is premised upon the withdrawal of consent.

Sit down, refuse to produce and/or comply, and those who rely on your acquiescence and tax revenue will find their strength sapped.

Most folks tend to forget that a few men with clubs, flashbangs and small arms fire, making examples of a few, will often get the herd back to work.

So the second pincer of passive resistance is prudent, savage active resistance so the thugs think twice about mashing on folks who want peaceful change.

The active pincer requires hard Patriots who are willing to do Hard Things, who are willing to protect those who will not protect themselves.

Consider that for a while.

If you will not do Hard Things, who will?

Only a small percentage of Human Animals are capable of doing Hard Things while keeping their moral compass true.

Do Hard Things.


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  1. Remember that the good guys vastly outnumber the bad guys and get strength from that. They are a Tiny Dot.


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