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Wednesday, June 20, 2012


Just a random thought for consideration: Every serious "Movement" on Earth, whether religious, political, ideological, has one thing in common - the Movement has people who are willing to kill and die for their Movement.

Why is Christianity descending? They have stopped killing enemies of Christianity.

Why is Islam rising? They kill enemies of Islam daily.

Why is Tyranny rising? They kill enemies of Tyranny daily.

Why have abortionists murdered 53 million+ babies in America alone? Because abortionists walk freely among us.

Why is Liberty in America dying? You know the answer...

When Movements stop killing their enemies, they fade into history.

Defense is not enough. To Resist is not enough. To have Faith is not enough.

Remember your Mencken: Every normal man must be tempted, at times, to spit on his hands, hoist the black flag, and begin slitting throats.



  1. Sorry dude, Christianity didn't become the world's #1 religion by killing its enemies.

    1. Nick: I never said Christianity ascended because of violence, I said it has gone into decline because Christians have "stopped" killing their enemies.

      They have stopped beating back Islam, for instance, while allowing Muslims to slaughter Christians. There was a time such offense would have earned Crusaders.


  2. Well, technically, 'Christianity' didn't kill it's enemies. Nation-states led by governments sworn to uphold and defend Christendom against infidels, heretics, and Saracens did all that.

    When they stopped doing that, Islam, socialism, and assorted other isms were let out of the box and here we are today.

    "There was a time such offense would have earned Crusade[s]."

    That time is certainly not today. Back then, Christians generally actually believed their faith was the True Faith, and that Islam and assorted other antiChristian philosophies and religions were sworn enemies - with the logical conclusions such a belief necessarily leads to. Today, Christians, like most if not all of Western society, is neutered beyond even a modicum of self-preservationist instinct.

    We have largely been bred and conditioned into a self-ensuring extinction.

    There was a time when Western Man, REGARDLESS of religion or philosophy, would have pounded their enemies into annihilation or enslavement.

    Now we welcome them like a hyper submissive dog, rolling on our backs and urinating on ourselves to prove how docile we are.

    Remember 'Vlad the Impaler'? you know, the original 'Dracula'? Story is,he went to a frontier town that was on the border with the Turkish/Moslem horde threat. The townspeople notified him that they were going to welcome the Moslems into the town to prevent a massacre. So, Vlad had the entire town beheaded, and put their heads up on spikes for the Moslems to see (and smell). Supposedly, the local bishop/parish priest complained about the stench after the slaughter, so Vlad had HIM beheaded and put his head on an extra tall pike, so he would be 'above the stench' he had complained.

    Say what you will, but if it weren't for old Vlad, Europe would probably have been a Moslem 'paradise' centuries ago.

  3. Sometimes you must become a monster to kill a monster.

    Also, the religion of my ancestors and I, Odinism, was relegated to myths because they stopped killing their enemies.

    I will do everything I can to keep that from happening to Liberty.


  4. Becoming a monster to kill a monster is self-defeating on its face. . Principles matter and anyone who uses phrases like "at all costs" and means it doesn't have any.

  5. This is why the new faith has arisen:


  6. It's not complicated. Killing is easy although not to be taken lightly. Kill if you must without reservations. In my opinion, it is immoral to allow yourself to be made into a slave and to that end, push back is imparative if not overtly moral.

  7. Hoist the black flag indeed. I have, and will slit the throat of anyone who opposes my Freedom. Said as much many times. So far, so good...

  8. Nick

    So the victims of the holocaust died a righteous death?

  9. God COMMANDED Israel to wipe out entire cultures. Saul lost favor with God because he brought back King Agag and some spoils when he was told to destroy everything.

    Christianity is built upon the Judeo religion. God hasn't changed, men have.

    Sometimes the black flag is a necessary instrument.

  10. Kerodin,

    It would be a great personal favor to me if you posted this as a stand alone piece; apparently, I'm now a "known enemy of the State".


    So, should you see another group on the news in Michigan that was ‘taken down’ because they were plotting to kill, maim, or otherwise do harm to innocent Americans, know that it is not true. We, in the MPA, only train to protect those we love (our wives, children and extended families), help our communities when the SHTF, and help our country as we can by being loyal Constitutionalists.

    Our aim has never, and will never, be to “overthrow the government” or cause harm to any innocent. Our goal is to see through restoration of constitutional government. Government that lives within its confines laid out so clearly in the Constitution.

    All that said, for those federals reading this, should you decide to arrest us or “NDAA” us, for the charge of loving our Constitution and country, have the decency to leave the neighborhoods we live in alone. Leave our wives, children and other family members alone. Approach us calmly, reasonably, and without dynamic raid teams. They are unnecessary. Doing so might just help you start to rebuild the older, more honorable title of ‘peace officer’ and heal the scars the last 40 years of “law enforcement” have wrought among us (“us” meaning the citizenry). All dynamic raids do is provide a testosterone ‘buzz’ for those ‘tactical types’ that see all of us, and I mean every single one of us, as “the enemy.”

    Personally, I can attest that none of us wishes to do combat; we’d rather come together and reason on the level playing field between men. On the other hand, we’ve all made our peace with God, so if you’re going to kill us, you might want to bring a lunch.

  11. Part 1 didn't come through...apparently.

    I’m known by my two “nom de guerre’s,” ‘The Trainer’ and ‘Black Jack.’ I lead the Michigan Patriot Alliance. I have a group of good men, citizens loyal to the Constitution, who train and prepare to protect their families and friends against the harsh times we all agree are coming, either through government (which one is irrelevant as they are acting in concert) or disaster. We are not “anti-government”; rather, we are “pro-constitutional government”; we are not “terrorists”; we are the “armed citizenry” who refuses to be terrorized; we are not “bad actors”; rather, we have already paid our dues whether in service or in industry, and have no patience for Marxism, Globalism, Pantheism, Fascism, or whatever “ism” that isn’t “Americanism” as espoused by the Founders and the tradition of “common law” that actually had a great deal of influence in the founding of this Republic. We are “Live and Let Live.” So long as we are left alone to raise our families, associate with those we choose, allowed to reject “political correctness” and be who we were raised to be by tradition and choice, we offer no offense or harm to anyone. Leave us alone; we will leave you (government) alone. We will vote, pay our taxes, protest as we see fit, and so forth, all without major upset.

    With that description of who I am and who my folks are, know that today, when deplaning from a business trip to Texas, I was approached by a member of the FBI who presented his credentials and asked if he could talk to me. Simultaneously, half a dozen or so other members of my group were being approached by agents of the FBI, Michigan State Police, and a couple other county departments.

    None of us were arrested or detained. I was in their company less than 10 minutes, once I was escorted with a uniformed officer on my left, plain clothes sheriff’s deputy (or junior g-man) at my six, and the senior investigator moving from either 2 to 8 O’clock all the way to the detention/interview room. We were let in by a ‘high fructose corn syrup’ fed locally employed, armed police officer, in other words, he was really fat!
    The FBI basically wanted to know if I wanted to talk about my group, the Michigan Patriot Alliance and a quote I use by Colonel Charles Beckwith, the founder of Delta Force, whom I greatly admire, that says, “I’d rather go down the river with seven studs than a hundred shitheads.” From the saying, we’ve developed a toast, “7 Studs” that we use at social occasions, which obviously underscores the concern of quality versus quantity.
    My purpose for writing this is to put out formal notice that nobody that I know in the MPA is a child pornographer, kiddie porn addict, terrorist, or otherwise a ‘malcontent ne’er do well’. We all are citizens of our State and the United States, some of us veterans, some not, who are angry at the direction and speed the nation is taking toward totalitarianism. Yes, we are armed. Yes, we train to stay alive. Yes, we study historical works, such as M. Stanton Evans, “The Theme is Freedom” to understand how our chosen belief system, Christianity, actually is, by historical evidence, the foundation of all the freedoms we used to enjoy…..like getting on an airplane without being escorted and searched like a common criminal.


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