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Monday, June 4, 2012

Denninger: Weeks or Months...

Something wicked this way comes...


Implosion is not likely to be an overnight event, in which you go to sleep and the world changes 180 degrees by morning. Indeed, Implosion has been occurring for years. We are simply nearing a pivot point when a significant shift in the paradigm must be faced. The EU is spinning apart. Everything you see in our financial markets is a bubble, including the price of precious metals. Our politics is filled with lies from every single quarter, the only thing distinguishing one member of the Political Class from another is the grandeur of the lies they spout.

What you need now more than anything else is the mental courage to do what you must do to survive and prevail. All the preps in the world will do you no good if you will not or cannot defend them. No firearm or knife will defend you unless you bring it to bear.

A storm is coming, folks. I have no expectation of Mad Max scenarios. I see thugs (civilian and Government employed), I see a significant loss of social order, I expect many folks will get hungry and angry, and there will be rape, pillage and plunder in particular AOs. There will be a collapse of FedGov's ability to maintain order and project power, except in pockets. Americans will withdraw their consent and those "in power" will understand that without cooperation from the governed, they have very, very limited "power".

What is coming, folks, is what most of us want: A reduction of the ability of those who mean to be Masters to impose their will upon us.

That means you will have to do for yourself. Any LEO still on duty will not be your friend, they will not be there to defend you against the thugs. They will not be tasked with keeping the thugs away from the entrance of your grocery store. They will probably simply heading up their own thugocracy.

Free Enterprise will operate alongside the thugs.

If your preps are not where you'd like them to be, if you have not bought that bug-out cabin in the wilderness, what do you do?

Breathe. Keep your head. Most people around you will be driven by panic and fear. Keep your head and you keep your edge. Be prepared to go where society has forbidden, be ready to defend yourself at every moment with overwhelming and disproportionate force.

Ignore any malum prohibitum law that infringes your Liberty or safety.

General Mattis: Be polite. Be courteous. And have a plan to kill everyone you meet.

Take an active role in your AO to force Enemies of Liberty to leave. Suppress your innate goodness when it comes to fools and thugs who have brought us to this point. When a hungry Liberal idiot claws at your feet begging for food, let him starve to death. When the frightened anti-gun voter seeks refuge from the thugs, leave him beyond your walls and gates to face his own creation. He and his ilk are the reason for this storm. It need not have come.

Let the gene pool cleanse itself.

Eat your rice. Drink your tea. Wear your clothes.

This storm will pass.

We may indeed hit KD's pivot point in weeks or months. It may be pushed back by clever and desperate men. No matter. It must come, at some point. It will last for years.

Remember this: You have the Right to live and prevail.

Do not let anyone infringe those Rights.

You do NOT owe fealty to anyone. You do NOT owe your life to any other. You do NOT have to tolerate abuse or tyranny.

Here's the KD piece.


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