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Saturday, June 30, 2012

DHS: Be meek and submissive, even if you are armed

DHS has counseled active, armed members of the Border Patrol to respond to an Active Shooter by running and hiding.

Here's the story.



  1. Wonder what admln-weenie came up with that nonsense ...

  2. No surprise there.
    That is the current ROE in
    Afghanistan (and was in Iraq)
    when a FOB or COP is attacked;
    to run/hide/cower.
    Moreover, during my most recent
    deployment to Afghanistan, our
    competent and skilled 4G tactical
    leadership decreed that during
    an attack rounds would not be
    chambered unless attackers were
    directly in our faces, clearly
    identified and about to be shot.


  3. Fear not, the Border Patrol is being militarized as we speak. They have exciting new plans to make us the new gestapo.

  4. You wouldn't want them to return fire and damage one of those shiny new AK-47's we sent down there.


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