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Friday, June 15, 2012

Did you fall for the head juke & buy more Gold/Silver yesterday or today?

Did you get caught in the snare over the last 48 hours, pull your FRNs from the bank and buy more gold, silver & platinum?

You do realize you just got played, yes? Don't feel bad, use it as a learning experience.

Here's the game: Serious players buy commodities by the pallet or truckload. In precious metals, they buy in kilogram lots. The consumer market buys in ounces. When the guys who own pallets of gold or silver want the value of their holdings to go up, they scare the consumer market who then rushes to gold and silver to create a spike in the market. When silver moves a few cents per ounce, it moves a few bucks per kilo, and a few thousand per pallet.

Don't believe me, here's the chart for the last 8 hours alone:

Folks, the rumors and games of the last 24-48 hours is standard market manipulation so guys with big holdings can make big moves on the spreadsheet.

Do you think these guys didn't know Central Banks would be announcing a "potential" deal to print if things go badly in Greek elections? The mere "possibility" of more printing drove the Dow up 150 points yesterday.

They do the same thing with corn, pork, stocks, and debt contracts, folks.

The lesson for you: Don't get excited.

You keep doing your thing, slow and steady. Add to your stores. Train. Harden your minds and hearts. Do not be suckered in by information peddlers who make money on every move, whether the move is up or down.

If you bought gold or silver today or in the last 24 hours, you paid an artificially inflated price.

Here is what you must buy now, in these days before the camel's back surrenders: Weapons, ammo, water, food, fuel.

Those are the essentials. Anything else is nice.

But remember this: So long as you have the means to defend yourself and kill the enemy, you have the means to pay the Iron price for what you want and need, rather than the Gold price.

For those of you who don't get the Game of Thrones reference, it means that just as you can shoot the guy flying the drones, you can shoot the guy with a basement full of gold bars.

Too harsh a concept for you?

Then I strongly suggest you work more on hardening your heart and mind.

When one plays by Mother Nature's Rules, one understands and one has the means to prevail.



  1. I've been hearing that same old "you paid too much" since I started buying gold...back at $600 and some change....

  2. When the SHTF how you going to pay for that venison steak ? With one of your ounces of gold ? Enjoy your gold.


  3. Bars of silver and gold are for BIG money players.
    Eigths,quarters,halves,and 1 ounce gold coins are for the "rest" of us,as well as 90% silver coins.
    Extremely easy to barter with. Been doing it for almost a decade now.


  4. Cannot eat gold or silver. Neither will it keep me warm in the winter nor give me shade in the summer. The only thing I can think to use a gold bar for is caving in a skull. Since I have other tools better suited and more efficient for that job, I'll let others stockpile gold for me.



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