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Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Update: Everyone should vote - and we should help them...

UPDATE: 6/19 - OK folks, not enough interest for me to keep this one on my plate. If anyone wants to take this project you are welcome to it. I'll even help you set up the proper 527 structure. Just remember, you can't keep ANY of the money donated by Dems and you may not SPEND any of the donated money on ANYTHING except GOTV efforts. It is an excellent way to diffuse a bit of their revenue stream, and if focused in an AO with a tight down-ticket race could sway the outcome, but it'll take hard work and you'll need people who are willing to get into crowds of D's and hand out donor requests.


Most of you will grasp the concept being presented here, especially given my post early in the weekend. If you read this and think I have lost my mind, noodle it through a bit longer and consider a wink & nudge. If you still can't connect the dots, write me privately: Kerodin@Kerodin.com. The one thing I do not want is a blueprint/roadmap on a post or in comments for Google to archive.

So, here we go...

Voting is an essential Right and Responsibility of Citizenship and Liberty.

Get Out the Vote (GOTV) campaigns are expensive. Very expensive. Every dollar spent on GOTV efforts is a dollar not being spent by special interest groups (such as NRA, Brady Campaign, et cetera).

Because of my respect for Liberty and the peaceful means of governance, if there is sufficient support for this effort, I will file the paperwork to properly form a 527 for the task.

What we need from supporters: To succeed, it will be important for fellow Patriots to help get the message out to motivated Blue voters. Patriots will need to hit SEIU rallies, Occupy camps and every other Left-aligned political gathering in their AO for the entire summer and hand out stacks & stacks of promotional cards encouraging those in the crowd to support our GOTV efforts by donating to our GOTV group...

I'll link to the website below. If you understand the concept and will invest your time and energy into the effort, let me know. Once I see sufficient support, I'll pull the trigger, file the proper paperwork and buy a batch of promotional cards we can distribute at important venues, such as the Democrat National Convention, local Planned Parenthood offices, local unions, et cetera.

If you think it is a stupid idea or you won't have time to invest the energy, I'll scrap the concept. Obviously, this is best for Patriots who live in Blue states or in areas with heavy Blue concentrations...so we can do the most good.

Here's the link.



  1. Sam

    Gonna weigh in here for no other reason than support: Love the idea behind the Go Bag Book
    (great way to appeal to the basic gun guy).

    Pioneer Project (loved it from it's inception) and the Enemies of Liberty award (especially love the last line, maybe over the top? Not real sure and inconsequential).

    Guess I could have e-mailed you but this seems less labor intensive for you.


  2. I just don't live close enough to any population are in general, let alone blue population. The closest I come to it is the university towns of Moscow & Pullman and in the summer all the little future marxist are home annoying their parents and the towns revert back to the quiet farming communities they originally were.
    Spokanistan has some of those people, but there really isn't anything really organized there that I have heard of.
    Miss Violet

  3. Here's a good article that's worth a read:


  4. Same as Miss Violet for me, here in Southern Montana (visiting from Wyoming for a while). I do like the concept, though. Hope someone takes you up on it. Too bad someone at Breitbart hasn't picked up on it as well.


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