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Saturday, June 23, 2012

Fix bayonets and march them all to the borders and beyond...

This could be a community or small town in many parts of the US.

It is Sderot, in southern Israel.

22 rockets have been fired into Sderot from Gaza on Saturday. In one day.

They hit a factory and a school.

I come back to the Israel situation from time to time because it is a real-time lesson for American Patriots, if you care to learn. Six million or so were murdered during the Holocaust. Many living Jews have direct memories of that time. The phrase "Never Again" was borne.

Yet today the Israeli's permit murderers to live in their midst, murderers who launch rockets at schools and residential neighborhoods.

Is there some moral obstacle that stops the Israeli's from giving 24 hours notice to everyone in Gaza and West Bank: Grab what you can carry and get out. At the end of 24 hours we will move in and forcibly deport every remaining non-Israeli.

March these people to the Sinai or into Jordan. It's not like Egypt or Jordan has what it takes to deny the Israeli's the ground.

I wonder if the Israeli's tolerate this abuse simply because of "International pressure". I wonder if they are being forced to try to coexist with their mortal enemies because of Washingtonian elite ideologies?

Here's the lesson, folks: When it is your neighborhood, and you know the ovens are what wait for you at the other end of the enemy's plan, do not hesitate, do not play games, and reserve all of your mercy for those people who are not trying to murder you. Give your enemies fair warning to leave. Then, make them leave, and screw any "Bad Press" you may suffer from outsiders.

A Patriot I respect had the right plan, I'll paraphrase: When the time comes I'll kill all of my idiot neighbors who refuse to leave, use their cars to block the roads into my neighborhood, and make it known it is a No-Go Zone.

When it comes to our life, folks, do not allow the ideology, opinion, or any other pressure from any other Soul to stand between you and proper, prudent self-defense.

Here's the article on Sderot.



  1. It's my understanding that there are some serious rifts in Israeli society and the leaders need a few nearby enemies to keep everyone focused on the external threat, lest the, say, secular and ultrareligious start in on each other.

    I don't know this firsthand but when someone there told me it made a lot of sense and explained some things.


  2. Foreign aid is used as a method of control. While Israels produces amazing weapons of their own, they cannot produce them in large numbers, so they are partially dependent on the United States and Germany for weapons, especially fighter jets and naval ships.

    Another thing restraining Israel is that the land has few natural resources, and if they did a mass deportation, the progressives and law-and-order Republicans in the Unites States and their equivalents in Europe would cut trade and saction their country until their economy dies.

    The United States has a direct paralell in the desert southwest, where federal funds would be withheld from states that do mass deportations of illegal immigrants.

    The lesson for both is that independace is never willingly granted. It must be won.


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