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Thursday, June 14, 2012

Indiana & Fort Wayne

Folks, I am considering a house in Fort Wayne to use as a central rest stop/safe house during my summer Gun Show Tour & travels.

Fort Wayne appears to be pretty hard-hit economically, and prices for homes are low, so this fits my short term needs and offers potential upside longer term.

My question for you folks in Indiana: Any insight into Fort Wayne would be great. Also, any brief insights to general quality of life in Indiana - taxes, much grief from LEO, et cetera.



  1. I grew up in North Central IN and went to college up near Ft Wayne back in the 90's. Fort Wayne is one of the larger cities in IN and has a blue collar feel to it.
    Taxes are not too terribly bad - residential RE property tax is limited to 1% of the assessed value. When I lived in IN my taxes were considerably lower than the 1% cap. I am not sure about Ft Wayne though and not sure if the declining economy has made Ft Wayne maximize the property taxes. I know a city south of Ft Wayne, called Marion, went haywire with their taxes. IN has a 7% sales tax and income taxes of 3.4% for state and around 2% for local income taxes.

    In regards to fuel prices, most of the time they are on the high side with Chicago so close.

    Not sure of the LEO in the area. Where I was at they were not too bad, but with the new law in place in regards to unlawful entry by police that may help alleviate the problem.

    I lived my whole life with the exception of the past few months in IN, so the quality of life always seemed pretty good, but I only have MT to compare it to now. And MT is better.

    Hope that helps a little bit.


  2. Yes. Fort Wayne is where all well-heeled eastern blue bloods have summer homes. ;)

    Ft. Wayne proper is a shit hole. The Dupont area on the north side is probably where I'd settle if it had to be the Ft Wayne area.

    If your heart is set on northern Indiana, and you like the small-town feel, take a look at Auburn...north of Ft Wayne, or Bluffton...south of Ft. Wayne.

    South Bend sucks goat ass. Avoid it at all costs.

    Cops here are just like everywhere...they love their citizens and respect the Constitution.

    Cost of living is low compared to the east coast. Double-wides, Moon Pies, and RC Cola are every affordable.

    Indiana is basically a cornfield with lights. If you enjoy the outdoors, you are never very far from the sticks.

    Most here are blessed with common sense, and you can still find folks with decency and courtesy...unless they originally came from Ohio. Then, all bets are off.

    Stay away from Indianapolis. It is rough and tumble and full of unsavory characters. This is my turf, and it ain't big enough for the both of us.

    I hope I have been helpful.

  3. Thanks guys. Here in the People's Republic of Maryland the state requires every firearm to be fired with a casing and spent round delivered to the State for their database.

    Any such silliness in Indiana?

    And, I'll steer clear of Indy...for now. (Can you hear the ominous background music?)

    I'll be at the Indy 1500 show, then backing out carefully with eyes downcast to avoid challenging the existing power structure...

    ...or is it just recon for an eventual takeover?



  4. No such bullet database tomfoolery here. Normal fed background check when buying boomsticks commercially, but no problemo twixt private parties. No state gun registration required. Lifetime handgun carry licence available, and one may carry open or concealed...choice is yours. Carry of longguns ok w/o licence

    Not bad, but could be better.


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