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Saturday, June 16, 2012

Leaderless Resistance: A Refresher

A typical covert cell operates as anything from a lone individual to a small group. The basic characteristic of the structure is that there is no explicit communication between cells which are otherwise acting toward the same goals. Members of one cell usually have little or no specific information on who else is agitating on behalf of their cause.

Leaderless movements may have symbolic figureheads. It can be a public figure or an inspirational author, who picks generic targets and objectives, but does not actually manage or execute plans. Media, in this case, often create a positive feedback loop: the publishing of declarations of a movement’s role model instills motivation, ideas and assumed sympathy in the minds of potential agitators who lend further authority to the figurehead.[citation needed] While this may be loosely viewed as a vertical command structure, it is notably unidirectional: a titular leader makes pronouncements, and activists may respond, but there is no established contact between the two levels of organization.

Read the wiki for a refresher.

All of us, moving in the same general direction. With Liberty as our common goal, we do not need "Leaders". Yes, we do need people who stir the pot in a public way. Look to our bloggers, they are filling that roll.

And do not dismiss the "...positive feedback loop..." aspect of generating press.

Hence: American Liberty Congress, III stickers on inappropriate surfaces, BofA boycotts, et cetera. Let's get our enemies talking about us, to motivate our allies.

When I mentioned the other day that every Patriot in every AO should clear his home, then his block, then street by street of Enemies of Liberty and get the herd moving, if we all do that when the time is right we will begin a mass emigration without any coordination by a central Command.

Liberty is the goal. That is the only Leader needed.

Here's the link.


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  1. I just made this comment at WRSA, but I'll re-post it here:

    I don’t know anything about Sean, so I can’t express an opinion, but I will say this: a bad leader can be worse than no leader. If whatever exists in the way of a “Liberty movement” is expended, shot down, in the opening moments of a conflict against an empty or worthless objective, you have squandered whatever resources you have and may be unable to continue.

    Think of the number of dead in WWI, many of whom died at the orders of officers who simply forced them forward – with the threat of being shot by their own if they didn’t advance – to take what was just one more trench in an endless field of trenches. Those of us who served during the fracas in RSVN: how many died there because some butterbar sent them to take a worthless hill that the NVA took back days later, at the orders of REMFs who sat far away from the fight? What of our “leaders” who sat down in Paris and gave it all away to the North?

    With no leader, there are likely to be more left after it starts getting nasty than if they were led by the wrong person (male or female) early on and wasted. I’d rather follow a _local person_ – like a squad led by a non-com who knows what he is doing – than by someone who doesn’t know my particular AO or what will work in that area.

    A group of partisans in many small, local areas may be more effective than a standing army trying to go toe-to-toe with a superior force.



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