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Sunday, June 17, 2012

"Real" Americans with "real" American values

Deacon Matson points out that "real" Americans, those who believe in our Founding Values, are a very small minority.

He is not wrong. Indeed, I think if we count all of us who actively believe in our Founding Principles we are at most 3% of the total population, perhaps 10 million.

If we add in those Americans who would passively accept living in an America that once again possessed and operated under our Founding Principles, we'd be very hard pressed to reach 20% of our current population, let's call it 60 million. These are the folks who I think would be able to live in an America that respected the Constitution and the ideals of the DoI and BoR. These are the people who would get up, work, feed and clothe themselves without whining, would respect your equal Rights, and would not expect Government to steal on their behalf.

And remember, I said 20% is a generous number, probably in the category of wishful thinking.

Let's say we actually have 20% who are "Real" Americans. What do we do with the other 270 or so million people who live here now and do not want self sufficiency, do not want Liberty, and do want you to work for them?

This is where I say we need to get the herd moving toward the borders.

Those 270 million people who are not Americans in their hearts must be encouraged to leave. They can get on a plane or ship and go to any spot on the planet that will have them. They can get in their cars and drive over our northern or southern border, whichever weather paradigm they find most appealing. If they won't drive, they can walk. If they won't walk, they should get poked in the butt with a bayonet held by a real American.

And finally, all those who refuse to stand down, who refuse to allow you and me to live at Liberty, those who refuse to leave when offered the opportunity: They stand trial for Treason in their front yard, to be judged by 12 real Americans for waging war to overthrow the Constitution, the Supreme Law of the land. When these people demand that Government steal from you in violation of the Constitution, is that not waging war to overthrow our proper, lawful Government?

Of course it is, so Article III Section III kicks in...judged by we, the III.

Once we pull the weeds and rid ourselves of the genetic waste in our midst, we Real Americans can once again live in peace, because it is we who have virtue and morals, not the Enemies of Liberty amongst us.

Here's the link to Deacon's place. He is correct in his assessment. Now we need to get busy cleaning up the mess left to us by several generations of our Fathers who were lax on Constitutional maintenance.


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  1. We fall into a trap of our own making when we get into the "this generation or that generation" is responsible mindset. Remember that Garet Garrett wrote back in 1938 - before WWII - that we had already lost to the Marxists, that the "Revolution" had already occurred, thanks in large part to Wilson and FDR.

    This has been happening since just after the Constitution was signed (Whiskey Rebellion), and since national banks were permitted to become established. I don't think you can point to any one generation and say they were responsible, although the greatest dupes, IMVHO, were those who couldn't see the elegant scam that FDR was pulling on the American people.

    We here now certainly aren't any better. We see the crimes Obama commits when _openly_ bypassing Congress and the Constitution, and we do not act. Isn't he every bit as bad as FDR? Isn't he as guilty of damage to this country, damage we possibly may not keep from destroying America?

    No generation is completely responsible, and no generation, including the current crop of young adults, is free of stain.


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