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Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Restoring Liberty is easy: Simply make your Enemies leave...

A group of Jewish tourists were attacked and forced out of the town of Kerak, in Jordan recently, after a local store owner noticed them wearing religious clothing.

“Salem Jeradat – who owns a grocery in the town – was surprised Sunday afternoon by a delegation of Jewish men and women who were wearing the clothing of religious Jews, which led him to throw his shoes at them,” writes Al Jazeera.

It was after this that local residents escalated the attack, forcing the tourists to leave.

“‘Then the people of the town immediately approached the group, threw shoes and stones, and kicked them out of town,” Jeradat told Al Jazeera. “The people of Jordan do not accept the Jews entering their homeland, and the Araba Valley treaty between Jordan and the Zionist entity does not represent us,” he said....

There was a time in America when lawyers were banned from communities.

When Americans who love Liberty find the gumption to run the Enemies of Liberty from our communities, we will begin to heal.

Here's the link to the quoted story above.

Here's a bit more from New Atlantean.



  1. Who knew? Here I've been collecting guns, ammo, and knives and all the time I could've just used shoes. Guess I should go to the goodwill and stock up ; )
    Lol. Sorry K, I understand the point you making, and I agree, but it just tickled my funny bone and made me laugh.
    Miss Violet

    1. Miss V: Wouldn't it be nice if all we needed was a few shoes? There was a time such men would have scurried back to the shadows in shame with a public ostracization.

      But not today.

      I'm glad I made you laugh. ;)


  2. "There was a time in America when lawyers were banned from communities."
    Oh man, that must've been on heck of a peaceful time.
    If only we were there now.

  3. I see one problem with your premise, and your example is perfect for illustrating it. In a society structured to protect Liberty, you would have to absolutely guarantee the Liberty of your smallest subset. The Jews visiting an Arab town would then have as much right to Liberty as anyone else, and you, being an honorable man, would have to protect them and anyone else who has enemies around. Otherwise, what you have is anarchy where anyone with a grudge against anyone else can take away that person's Liberty at a moment's notice and with zero recourse.

    1. Anon: I don't agree with your premise that "...a society structured to protect Liberty..." obligates me to protect the Liberty of anyone but myself. While I would do so in most cases, I would not be obligated to do so.

      But the true point of the example offered and applied to America: Those who do not advocate Liberty (Liberals, Establishment R's, Socialists, Communists, White Supremacists, NoI, et cetera) may not hide behind the premise of Liberty to destroy it. The protections of the Constitution and BoR and DoI are not available to anyone who seeks to destroy the Constitution, DoI & BoR.

      Communists do not have the Right to be here, to deswtroy Liberty, so - hit 'em with a shoe and drive them beyond our borders.



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