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Tuesday, June 5, 2012

ServiceMagic now sued by Angie's List

Folks, please allow me a personal moment and post.

As many of you know Mrs. Kerodin and I have a Federal suit in the courts against ServiceMagic for cyber-piracy, Service Mark infringement and other bad faith business practices, the results of which were financially eviscerating. Our case is in the early procedural stages, and we are eager to get into Discovery. (Our case also includes a ServiceMagic subsidiary Market Hardware and their CEO Brian Kraff)

Yesterday news broke that ServiceMagic has now been sued by Angie's List under the same Lanham Act for Trademark Infringement and other bad faith business practices.

I will not editorialize today.

We have facts and law on our side, and that is enough.

Here's the link to the news story about Angie's List and the Angie's List Complaint.

Our link is here.



  1. Wish you and Mrs. K luck and speedy results in your case.
    Miss Violet

    1. Thanks, Miss V. We'll keep folks in the loop as we go forward.



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