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Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Sparklie GunWalker Contempt

Contempt of Congress? Really?

This somehow is the measure of "Victory" in GunWalker, whether or not the GOP has the sack to issue a Contempt charge? This is Washington DC folks, do you think a Contempt of Congress charge frightens a sitting Attorney General who serves at the hand of an ideological President? If Holder is held in Contempt he'll frame the f'n thing as a badge of honor, and display it in the foyer of whatever Lobby Shop he opens after leaving Government! It is a BIG GOLD STAR on a Liberal resume.

Politically, it is a sneer at Congress. A smirk and dismissal.

Legally, the AG can get it kicked by sending a $1.99 box (retail from Staples) filled with redacted Xerox copies of the DoJ phone directory over to the Rayburn Building.

As I have said for the 18 months or so since GunWalker was dropped (deliberately) into the laps of bloggers, this entire "Scandal" is nothing more than a controlled-crash landing of a blown political Op and Eric Holder will leave office only when Eric Holder chooses to leave office. He may even let the public think he is leaving under a cloud, if it serves the purposes of his ideological allies. But he will land within 2 months at any Lefty Lobby Shop he chooses with an eight-figure salary.

GunWalker is a classic Sparklie, a textbook example of substance and execution of political theater designed to divert attention away from real matters of import.

The only reason it remains in the press today is because it serves the purposes of both political parties. It will go away when its value is spent, and not a moment sooner. (The D's like GunWalker because every moment talking about the issue is a moment NOT talking about the economy)

Rhetorical question: How much energy and time have you wasted on GunWalker, where the Masters chose for you to focus?



  1. "Rhetorical question: How much energy and time have you wasted on GunWalker, where the Masters chose for you to focus?"

    Hardly any at all, I've always considered it business as usual. In my entire lifetime I have never seen TPTB pay for any bad thing they have done. As far as I am concerned, polititians are the scum of the earth, not hardly worth the powder to blow them to hell. I don't believe one word that comes out of any of the vipers mouths and I'd just as soon spit on them as to look on them. Or listen to them for that matter. But, I don't really have an opinion about it as you can tell. ; )
    Miss Violet

    1. I can tell you've remained aloof from the topic of politicians. ;) I've also been meaning to ask you about those "Driving words..."


    2. Well....my driving words are words that probably should never be uttered by a woman. I do not like to drive and I have very little tolerance for rude, overbearing drivers and even less tolerance for bicyclers who insist on bicycling on roads where there is no room for them to be and they put everyone in danger by doing so. Needless to say I have, ahem, cultivated a rather explicit form of language when I am driving to blow off steam, seeing as I do not have the capabilities to mount a flame thrower to my vehicle to blow up offending motorists and/or bicyclists. Lets just say I would make a Crav Maga instructor proud.
      I do try very hard to limit the use of such language to the confines of my automobile : )
      Now you know ; )
      Miss Violet

    3. Haha! Not too much...would've really got my attention seeing the punk doing the "perp walk"...fat chance of that happening


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