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Sunday, June 3, 2012

Two from Miss Violet

Two posts relevant to what we face.

Building communities at the local level that work will not be effortless, painless or safe endeavors. Too many FSA mentalities in the mix, too many different goals, and at least in the beginning, too many folks who will choose to take your work product rather than work with you.

I'm not saying it won't work, but I am saying that it will take strong men and women doing hard things to keep bad people and bad habits out. As Miss Violet describes regarding their local Farmer's Market, it is tough even getting folks together for common economic goals today. Just wait until the FRN is worth a quarter of today's value.

I love farmer's markets, but I can't say that my local experience is descriptive of the national average. Here in the DC Metro area, the Farmer's Markets are nearly all organized and run by the Amish. Those folks have a tight-knit community already in place.

If you think local is vital to your survival, I would suggest you to follow Miss Violet's efforts and build now, and not just at the gun range and talking politics. Consider getting your tribe built around a social hub or economic hub, rather than politics.

Her second post reveals the sheer breadth and depth of the entrenched attitude that is our problem as we head back toward Liberty, personal responsibility and a proper moral compass. We are surrounded by Stupid People and those who pray at the church of "Gimme what you have."

Post One, here.

Post Two, here.


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