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Friday, July 27, 2012

About 36 hours in - just over 1/2 pledged!

Thank you, folks. We have about $14k pledged, and need about $9k more.

People are putting their talk of patriotism to work, and it is appreciated.

And I find it fascinating when I look at those who have contributed and discussed this project - and those who have not. Interesting.

If you are on the fence about this, I hope you'll decide today to help us hit our goal of $25k so we can get these prototypes built. This is your chance to be part of a solution for Liberty, not just talk and hope.

Holly & I will be heading out for much of the day, I hope to find everything we need pledged when we make it home.

Never before have we had the real power to grasp our own liberty as we have right now. We can turn it into reality.



  1. A call to arms without having to gear up.

    Take a moment and think about that.

    No excuse for not stepping off the porch, cause it's on. Instead of using bullets we're going to use capitalism.

    Got Liberty? Ya, that's what I thought. Not making a decison to join us, waiting to see how the wind blows, well, that's really a cowardly way to go about it, if you ask me. If you actually believe Liberty is a God given Right, will you be able to look yourself in the eye and have no regrets that you didn't take a stab at Liberty?

    Life is short Patriots, live it.

    Miss Violet

  2. How do I become part of this? How do I get a chance to escape the mess I'm in now?
    I'm in a quandry. I live on limited funds, I just don't have the funds to contribute to III, but I have a great desire to part of it.
    I'm a medically disabled retired Electrical Designer. I built refineries.
    I do, with my whole heart, want to be part of this.......How?
    Papa Mike

    1. Papa Mike: The financial contributions we are soliciting today are merely to get the gun company off the ground, which we will use to start building the Citadel.

      No serious Patriot will ever be turned away from the Citadel once we get it going if he is willing to work. And to my mind, every serious man or woman has something to contribute, even if in your case it is merely helping calculatge the wire size needed to run x machine.

      Liberty in your heart and a desire to contribute are all a Patriot needs to have a place in the Citadel. You have my word.


  3. K,

    I have a "stupid" but serious question. Do the same rules that keep a felon from owning guns keep him from owning a gun company? If so I'm sure a workaround has been figured but I am wondering about it.


    1. Not a stupid question at all. The short answer is no but there are some basic precautions tht must be followed - hire multiple FFL 1's & 7's to start, avoid constructive possession, et cetera, have a kick-ass attorney...



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