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Monday, July 9, 2012

Hard Things

The other day CA linked to a discussion on a concept labeled "The Orkin Man".

We have discussed the same concept on our blogs many times, usually with sufficiently nuanced language as to avoid a Stack. If you browsed the comments at Orkin Man you found a great deal of reluctance by many, many folks who claim to be Patriots. In our community the same hand-wringing turns nearly every conversation on the topic into a flame war by those who are morally offended at the concept of hunting Bad People and those who are not so encumbered with guilt.

If you are a Patriot who considers it morally acceptable to hunt Enemies of Liberty who are not directly and personally holding guns at your head, I hope you have realized just how many people will stand against you, label you a murderer, even from within the III. Many, many in the III community consider it a moral crime if you were to grab a blade and drag it across the neck of every Democrat donor in your AO.

Let me clarify that a bit: I think many people hide behind the moral argument to avoid having to go to work themselves.

Remember Scott Roeder? He walked into a church and put a bullet into the brain of George Tiller, ending the career of an abortionist. Yet every pro-life group raced and stumbled and tripped over themselves to condemn Roeder as a murderer, and they beat the pro-choice groups to the microphones! Even in the III community, supposedly filled with hardcore Patriots of religious fiber and a willingness to kill for moral reasons, not one single person ever defended Roeders actions as a necessary evil that benefitted the world by eliminating a man who butchered babies under color of law. Who has sent money to his prison commissary account so the man can at least buy a few packets of mackeral to get a break from the kitchen mess?

I find that fascinating. I find that lonely.

And for you folks who preach incessantly about the immorality of abortion, I find your lack of direct action to end it to be the very definition of hypocrisy. If you think abortion is murder and you do not have the balls to kill a murderer, just STFU about it because you are an embarassment, an intellectual midget, and worse, you lack the courage to act on your convictions.

And when I apply that knowledge to the Orkin Man strategy of leaving your sofa and hunting Enemies of Liberty in your AO, I am comfortable to conclude that if any Patriot ever does go hunting, he'll be abandoned by all of the tough talkers on these boards faster than the Merry Leader abandoned the Geriatric Militia and the Hutaree.

I know I am now talking to a very small minority of people in the III community, I am talking to that very small group of men and women who actually have the grit to do Hard Things without waiting for others. (If you are one of those III Patriots who constantly asks "Is it time yet" and looks left and right to see if anyone will go with you, a bit of introspection is in order)

We are now in a time of action. The words we type here will not contribute one whit to the restoration of Liberty. I am not saying leave the porch and start hunting Bad People. I am saying that action should be part of every single day of every single Patriot, in addition to words.

Whining, crying, moaning, wailing, hand-wringing, moral quibbling while Bad People are out there taking your Liberty as trophies is pointless. Think Nero.

When will the first Enemy of Liberty be found duct taped to the flag pole at City Hall with a III sticker stapled to his forehead? Hell, when will one of us even find the balls to egg his house?

It is time for Sons of Liberty to do Hard Things.



  1. OK....you first. You like to flame away at those who talk but don't act. Yet you are
    talking, not acting. Go collect the scalp of
    an abortionist. Walk up to a polly who votes for socialism and go all Jared Laughner on them.
    How many notches do you have in your six shooter from taking it to the enemies of freedom? Well.....We're waiting.

    1. Well, Mr. Brave Anonymous - what makes you think I give a flying fig about an abortionist? I have never stated my position on the matter.

      What makes you think I would ever advertise anything I have done, plan to do, or would consider doing?

      What makes you think I'd be so stupid as to hunt in my own AO prior to full-scale Implosion? Anyone getting Tar & Feathers anywhere in the DC Metro will bring LEO to my home. Not interested.

      I have said many, many times that I do not think it is time to make people disappear. When I do take that decision, you can bet I won't advertise it here.

      I direct my criticism to those who call for violence, yet do not act. I have not once, ever, called for violence against man or property.

      As I said, introspection is in order, especially in your case. You can't even state your name...


    2. As expected.....hot air.

      Put up or shut up.
      If not quit posting this BS.
      Be a man and admit you are not
      man enough to step up and do
      what you exhort others to be
      willing to do.

      And if you refuse to call for violence
      then shutter this piss poor pitiful excuse
      for a blog and go suck your thumb in a
      corner because if violence is not something
      you are willing to accept and require then
      you are already a slave. America may have
      voted itself into this cesspool but it't
      not getting out without bloodshed.


    3. Wow, missed your meds this evening, huh?

      Why are you reading and commenting on this piss poor blog?


    4. Anon@2343,

      I love you DHS types who come to these blogs to keyboard trash talk. While you attack Mr. K, you yourself don't have the bananas to even provide the courtesy of a screen name. Your hypocrisy and attack dog mentality, against Mr. Kerodin, wreaks of a minion of Janet Napolitano.

      Your handlers are most likely patting themselves on the back for your efforts against Mr. Kerodin.

      Certainly there are enemies amongst us, in our community. There are also enemies outside our community who believe in the marxism and totalitarianism that soetoro-obama represents. You are of the latter.

      So Mr. COWARD, you can always post your real name and your home address here. You certainly would have no worries from FED.gov.

      Now go stand in front of Janet and barry....and render them the appropriate arm salute.

      Hehehehehe.....Mr. Coward you're a joke ! Hahaha...

      DAN III

  2. Well....show us your scalps Anonymous!

  3. Oh, and in point of fact...there's one s.o.b that wont be chopping up any babies.

  4. Not to get involved in the current digital scalping of our friend anonymous, but truly when will we know? When the calm voice of purpose and truth inside each of our heads cannot react in any way but fury. Then that voice will tell us to sit down, we cannot operate in fury, but fury can drive cold hard vengeance and retribution. When the animal inside and well mannered image of our "better" selves that has been trained, manicured, and beaten into our heads walk the same road. Then we will know.

  5. Sam, I want Anonymous back. I miss him over at my place.

    1. Mr. Wirecutter,

      The aforementioned Anon is just another DHS troll.

      DAN III


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