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Monday, July 2, 2012

Implosion or Count backward from 100...

I have held for nearly two years of writing that the world is filled with very clever, very motivated people who will work every day to push an economic collapse into the future for their own personal gain. That the economy is going to crash and burn is imminent, but when? And when it happens, will we simply lock up overnight and wake to a world in flames, or will we reach Implosion-level data points in our markets by sneaking up on them?

It is inarguable that today we are on an economic glide path that is in decline. But every time we hit a new milestone and feel that impact is close, smart, clever and self-motivated people find a way to push the date of impact into the future one more time. But even when they manage to pull it off, we continue on an overall downward slope.

Perhaps we are living in the collapse, right now? Perhaps clever and motivated people will find ways to keep us moving into the future at or near this level of performance. Maybe we never hit the wall in spectacular fashion, but "They" manage to keep us fighting for our economic lives while they milk every last dollar from our lives.

If they manage to do that even for another 10 years, can you guess how many of the Patriots in our community will be dead or beyond the ability to do anything physical?

Can't happen? Think about it. They already know you are willing to pay up to $4.50 per gallon for gasoline. They tested it. In 2001 I was paying about $1 per gallon at the same stations I use today, which is at about $3.50. You will not go 2A on anyone for $5 gasoline. You'll buy a smaller car/truck first, and they know it.

They already know you will pay $5 per gallon for milk. They already know you'll pay up to $8 or more for a pack of cigarettes that cost probably less than a buck to get to market. They already know you will give up 35% of your income to direct taxation, and more by hidden taxes that don't rub your nose in it. They already know you will pay X for Y without shooting anyone.

You are bleeding out right now. The curious thing about bleeding out and being choked out, you simply go to sleep...

When you want to get an idea of how much wealth remains in the American system that the Bad People could still tap to milk us dry, just look to Europe and the Socialist economies that are further along the death-path than are we. They are tapping every possible source of revenue, taxing everything, forcing regulations and rules on the populace that all generate more revenue for the state in the form of fees and taxes and renewals.

Two examples: France taxes every household for the television screens inside. They are now looking to see how they can tax computer screens. They are also requiring every driver to have a breathalyzer in every car.

How long before car makers are forced to install lockout functions and built-in breathalyzers if they want to sell to American markets. The technology in your car will not only stop you from driving, but could easily transmit your data to government databases, and even alert local LEO that you tried to drive while intoxicated. There's an easy fine.

How long before Government adds a $20 per unit tax on every television or computer screen sold in America, collected by the seller? Consider a new line item on your tax form, for renewal of your annual privilege of watching television. Don't pay? FedGov contacts the proper people and your cable goes down, your internet is shut off, your iPad or smartphone service locks up...until you pay.

Look at all of the things and activities in your life they could tax. Now, you may find a way to say FU, but you already know the vast majority of your Countrymen will pay the tax just to avoid bumping heads with FedGov and to keep their screens hot. Most Americans would go into violent withdrawl if suddenly locked out of the internet and cable television, and you know it. They'll pay.

America can be bled out for decades to come, if they play it right.

If they do it for another 20 years, you and I will be gone, or irrelevant. An entire new generation will not know any other reality than that of paying your TV & Internet Tax, and today's 30-somethings will simply shake their heads and moan about how much better it was in their youth. A few of them might even start III blogs to complain.

The window of opportunity is closing, folks.

Just count backward from one hundred, you'll be blissfully asleep soon...

Here's the link to French TV taxes and French breathalyzer requirements.


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  1. Yes...and they'll throw "us" a sop now and then, ever sophisticating and tightening the beast-grid. That's assuming that we'll still have some substance left for them to eat out...im no so sure


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